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Last updated: May 27, 2022

Online gaming has become popular, winning the hearts of gamers all over the world. The ability to communicate with others and play in real time seems like the best deal. Topped with the fact that you can unblock every single game online and join teams half the globe away, this is a win-win! So, online gaming offers a wide variety of benefits to gamers and thus appeals to the vast majority of them. How would you feel about joining thousands of other gaming fans and indulge in endless playtime? We thought so, too!

However, online gaming can be less than satisfactory for a number of reasons. The most serious problem is the latency. At some point, you may find it hard to enjoy great connection without lagging. This can ruin the whole gaming experience, right? Plus, unblocking gaming channels and sites from abroad is another thing to consider. For all that, a VPN is in order. Which VPN should you choose, though? Let’s have a look at our list of the 5 best VPNs for online gaming!

Nord VPN

NordVPN is based in Panama and offers secure and anonymous payment methods such as Bitcoin. An ideal combination when it comes to online gambling. They have a huge repertoire of over 5,000 servers all around the world, in over 60 countries, which empowers you with a lot of possible IP addresses depending on your needs.

If you’re not sure if this is the right service for you, we recommend you to subscribe and test it for 30 days as they offer a money-back-guarantee which is as long as that. Or you use the 3-day-trial.

We recommend NordVPN, go get it here!

  • No logs are kept and anonymity is embraced
  • P2P friendly VPN service
  • Supports Bitcoin
  • Up to six simultaneous devices in use
  • Free extras enhancing your online protection
  • 30 days money back + 3 days free trial
  • Money back guarantee includes Bitcoin subscribers
  • Monthly subscription is not that affordable
  • Speed can vary during peak hours
  • There might be some glitches in performance


ExpressVPN is a great VPN service provider, taking security seriously. With SSL secured network and 256-bit AES encryption, they offer a wonderful package. Their network is pretty impressive, with VPN servers in 136 cities and 87 countries. Unlimited bandwidth and top speed will make the most out of your online gaming experience. They use several security protocols and they have got user-friendly, simple apps for devices and OS.

They also offer customer care round the clock and there is a generous 30-day full money refund guarantee for covering your needs. If you are searching for a VPN that accepts Bitcoin, ExpressVPN does that. Overall, ExpressVPN offers advanced encryption and a safe environment online. At the same time, it offers speed and consistency, no latency and a plethora of VPN servers to choose from.

  • no logfiles
  • they accept bitcoin
  • non-US company
  • very fast download speeds
  • filesharing allowed
  • quality has a price

Vypr VPN

We move on to Vypr VPN next, as an online gaming option for you to consider. There is unlimited bandwidth and unrestricted data transfer, fast speed and server switches as often as you feel like. Their servers are owned by them and therefore you do not need to worry about data leaks from third parties. There is also no logs policy, which means you enjoy great anonymity. They use all the sophisticated security protocols, as well as a plethora of VPN servers internationally (more than 50 different locations all over the world).

So, you can expect to access all online gaming channels and sites. There are simple-to-use applications for you and up to 5 devices connected at a time. With the features of NAT firewall and Chameleon, security is boosted. You will get customer care 24/7, meaning that you can get answers as soon as you question yourself.

  • No Logfiles
  • Supports many countries
  • Own VPN Protocol "Chameleon" to break through the Firewall of China
  • No anonymous payment methods
  • therefore no real anonymity possible

IPVanish VPN

Unlimited bandwidth and unrestricted data transfer are found in IPVanish, too. Plus, you get to enjoy zero logging and superb variety of advanced security protocols. You can choose among OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec VPN, while you benefit from 256-bit AES encryption. In order to access every online gaming sites and channels everywhere in the world, you have the chance to indulge in unlimited server switching.

Up to two different devices can be used at a time, which means that you can enjoy VPN on every device and OS. Add to that the non-stop technical support and the friendly apps. Last but not least, their VPN network covers 40,000+ shared IPs, 500+ VPN servers and 60+ countries.

  • Accepts Bitcoin payment
  • Filesharing allowed
  • No free trial
  • Lied about keeping no logfiles.
  • US Company (NSA, Gag Orders)
  • Only two devices at the same time

HideMyAss VPN

If we talk about flexible VPN networks, HideMyAss certainly tops it. Over 190 countries, 350 locations, 930 VPN servers and 125,000 IPs make it a really rich and flexible VPN network, right? Of course, you get unlimited bandwidth and fast speed, which are preconditions of smooth online gaming. With a 30-day full money refund guarantee, you can be sure to test the services and decide if they match your needs.

Up to two different devices can connect to a single account. The technical support is always on and this means that you can always turn to them for help. There are simple and practical apps for each device and OS. At an inexpensive price, HMA VPN makes it to our list of the 5 best VPNs for online gaming.


When you think of online gaming, you most often think of the fun you get. In some cases, you underestimate the threats that can lurk in the dark. Since some of the online gaming sites and channels may be compromised, you need to enhance your online protection. This is where the VPN comes along. It offers you the opportunity to strengthen your online protection through the use of encryption. So, besides using the VPN for avoiding latency issues and unblocking sites worldwide, security online is perhaps an even greater benefit for you!

If you do not know why latency issues happen and why your Internet connection is not as smooth and fast as you would have expected it to be, think of that: your ISP may throttle your connection and prevent you from reaching the maximum of your bandwidth. This happens, because online gaming takes up a lot of bandwidth and therefore deteriorates the quality of Internet connection for certain ISPs.

In avoidance of heavy congestion and other similar problems, ISP throttling is the solution they may choose. This leaves you at a frustrating position, except for when you use a VPN. The VPN will help you bypass ISP throttling, since your ISP will not know what you are doing. And in addition you can block them from loggin your porn traffic as well, if you need. Yes, we know you need to.

Have you ever tried out one or more of the VPNs on our list with the 5 best VPNs for online gaming? How was your experience? Share your opinion with us as to which VPN makes it to the top! Enjoy online gaming to the fullest and do not settle for endless latency issues that spoil all the fun. You can connect to all the online gaming sites you want and make the most out of your connection every single time – with the right VPN service provider, of course!

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    I always use Astrill for all my internet needs. Their speed is impressive.