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What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a service offered by ExpressVPN International Ltd., company registered and headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, but with personnel around the world. It has been operating since 2009, when it started by offering its product to the Asian market.

ExpressVPN during its early days, you can clearly see how they initially focused on the Asian market.

These days, the number of servers surpases 1000, spread across 145 locations in 94 countries. The total number of IPs owned by ExpressVPN is unknown, but thousands of them are said to be available on each server. Naturally, the target market of ExpressVPN has also broadened, aiming today to the entire globe.

Pricing and Plans

Prices start at $12.95 per month, but you can get better quotes by purchasing a longer subscription. The lowest that the monthly price can get is $8.32, if you go for one year of service. An intermediate price / duration deal is available at $9.99 per month, for six months.

Subscriptions to ExpressVPN are more expensive than to the average provider, but you can get a better deal by hiring a longer plan.

Trial access is granted to the press in a case by case basis, and it can be solicited by just tweeting or mailing the team. A free trial by itself is not publicly offered, but the 30-day money back guarantee is more or less the same. In fact, it is promoted as so by ExpressVPN.

bestbitcoinbrokerThe list of accepted payment methods is extensive, and includes credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin and a large selection of other methods such as WebMoney, Alipay, Yandex Money, UnionPay, iDeal, Sofort, Interac, GiroPay, Minc, FanaPay and OneCard.


ExpressVPN supports only four protocols: OpenVPN (both through TCP and UDP), SSTP, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP. While customers are free to set up the VPN by themselves, applications are offered for most of the major operating systems, which by default will select the best protocol to connect.

An account is allowed to be active simultaneously in no more than 5 devices, but a router can be configured to be used as an access point to the VPN. ExpressVPN particularly supports a broad range of wireless routers, which complements the already vast catalog of computers, mobile devices and media consoles where it can be set.

The service provided comes with unlimited bandwidth, strong anonymity and security, P2P file sharing, satisfactory speeds and a lot of nice tools. There is also a comprehensive knowledge base on their website, with very specific guides such as one teaching how to share the contents of a USB to the LAN using a router.


ExpressVPN is concerned about the privacy of its customers, and it starts with not saving logs of their activity. the option to send automatic reports to the web is ticked by default after installing the client, but a note is included clarifying that not identifiable information is submitted along.

No dedicated IPs are offered, and those available are rotated dynamically to improve the customers’ anonymity. Being based on the British Virgin Islands is also a pro when it comes to privacy, since the territory is known as the land of secrecy.


ExpressVPNs servers have been audited in 2019 by PwC to confirm compliance with privacy policy. ExpressVPN uses TLS to ensure that the data traveling from a device to the VPN (or viceversa) is not altered by a malicious third party (man-in-the-middle attack). For the purpose, a key 4096-bit long is used, identified by the SHA-512 algorithm.

HMAC authentication is also enforced, to protect the data from being altered. The control-channel uses AES-256, and the data-channel a symmetric encryption scheme (with ECDH).

Secret keys are negotiated between the VPN server and the client at most every 60 minutes, which means that if one of the ends would be compromised, no more than an hour of activity could be retrieved. The key is also renewed every time a new connection is set.

The security configuration of ExpressVPN can be found more in detail here.

The Website

The website is beautiful, responsive and intuitive to browse. The color scheme and fonts used are appropriate, and they make the reading process easier.

The mobile experience is excellent and the portal is appropriately secured. SEO and overall performance are also good, even though they are slightly worse than the other two areas.

ExpressVPN website evaluation on

With 89 out of 100, ExpressVPN excels in performance, especially when it comes to mobile experience

ExpressVPN aims big, offering a translation of their website into 17 languages. From what we could check, the different versions are kept up-to-date and the quality of the text is very professional.

The information is carefully organized, including a tour through the key aspects of VPNs and the service offered. There is also a comprehensive blog, with all kind of interesting readings, classified in categories.

Within the blog and the site itself there are also giveaways and contests that are held to prize loyal followers of ExpressVPN. Their commitment with online privacy and anonymity is clear and celebrated all over the site, as their contribution to nonprofits and their “Future of Privacy” scholarship prove.


There is a page on the site dedicated to listing the support alternatives. Three of them allow direct interaction with an agent, in real time with the live chat and in a matter of hours via the contact form or by emailing them.

You can also search their knowledge base for tutorials and troubleshooting guides using the search bar located below the options mentioned above. A FAQ is available as well, with concise answers to simple but common questions.

The Process

Signing Up

In order to create an account you are required to purchase a subscription to the service. First, you have to select the plan that matches your needs, then you enter a valid email address and proceed to the checkout by choosing a payment method and authorizing it.

For alternatives such as Paypal a recurring payment will be created, so, you will probably want to go and turn it off. You will be notified of both movements, of course, so the process is transparent to you.

A recurring subscription will be set if you pay with methods like PayPal, keep an eye on it (or cancel it right away, to avoid future headaches).

A default password will be generated, and you will be given the opportunity to either keep and write it down, or set your own. Anyway, if you ever forget your credentials, regaining access is as simple as filling a field with your registered email address.

The ExpressVPN Client

ExpressVPN has one of the most complete set of clients, including one for Linux systems (an operative system where many VPN providers still require manual configuration). Naturally, the usually supported OSes and devices are there: Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

Unlike other VPN software, ExpressVPN uses an activation code to track the devices where you have installed the client. The code is unique to your account and will never change.

The interface is simple, with a big button in the middle to connect / disconnect. You are given the freedom to choose a location by yourself (either at the country or city level, the latter for countries with more than one server), but you can also let the app decide for you with the auto-select option.

Additional tools bundled with the client include a speed test that ranks the servers according to latency and download speed, a help menu with links to some useful resources, more in-depth configurations under the “options” menu, a convenient one-click log saver to make things easier when contacting customer support due to technical issues and, a list of server locations.

Manual setup is also possible, in case an advanced user wants to go on with it. Guides are offered both for installing the existing apps and to configure the VPN by yourself.

Advanced configurations on the ExpressVPN Windows client

For a middle level of control, go to the advanced configurations and tune the VPN according to your needs.

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 Tests)

We chose four of their servers, all of them geographically apart, and tested the upload and download speed for each using the popular speedtest service.

The results were good, ranging from 3Mbps for those farther of our physical location to more than 15mbps for a server less than a few kilometers away from us. Pings were also right, never going beyond 350 ms, and as low as 11 ms for the closest network.

Some evidence of leaking exists and the app guard exhibited some flaws, but the overall experience was good and it successfully allowed us to unblock geographically restricted sites.

DNS leak test for ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN could be leaking…


Extensions are offered for the dominant Google Chrome, the Mac-favorite Safari and the addon-rich Mozilla Firefox. Instructions on how to set them up are found in their guide, which includes a description of its features as well.

All of them are available through the site and require an active account to be downloaded. It is also stated that the latest version of the full client is required in order to the extensions to work.

Mobile platforms

Apps are available under the setup page, and on the respective software store for each operating system. Reviews are mostly positive, with an average of 4.1 on the PlayStore and 4 stars on iTunes.

Two Blackberry devices are supported: BlackBerry Priv and DTEK50. According to the setup instructions, you should download and install the Android APK, we could not test since we did not have one of the supported BlackBerries at hand.

Of course ExpressVPN can still be manually configured in devices that allow so (such as Windows phones), by finding and following the relevant instructions here.

What are people saying about ExpressVPN?

There are not any solid scam accusations against ExpressVPN, two accusations are listed on (1 2), but both clearly highlight faulty behaviors from the users.

The overall reputation of the site is positive, with average ratings ranging between 3.5 and 4.5. Its score on Sitejabber, for example, is 3.9, strongly influenced by a few 1-star reviews mostly complaining about slow speeds and problematic refund requests.

On Amazon, 45% of the reviews are 5-star, but also one fourth of the total are on the bottom side. This platform shows an average 3.6 for ExpressVPN.


  • Clients available for major operating systems (including Linux-based)
  • Newbie-friendly.
  • Solid reputation.
  • Strong security.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • World-class customer support.


  • No dedicated IPs.
  • More expensive than other VPN providers.

ExpressVPN Review Conclusion

ExpressVPN is expensive, but the experience is worth the extra cost. The number of devices is also a limitation, since no more than 5 sessions may be active at the same time.

The number of servers available is OK, and the speed is fair even for those far from our physical location. The client comes with a handy speed test that ranks the VPNs using three different criteria, making it easier for the user to choose where to connect. One of the only few drawbacks on this matter in the absence of dedicated IPs.

The website and the apps are both newbie-friendly, but there are also more advanced settings easily accessible to those interested in playing around with them. There are plenty of guides and how-tos published on their site, making it easy to go beyond with the software.

Customer support is good, with a fast turnaround time and an efficient way to handle issues. The money back guarantee is honored, with no questions asked as they state.

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  1. Jeremy W, 17. March 2015

    I like expressvpn, everything works as intended and I even had a stupid question which was answered quickly and very friendly by the support.
    love it!

  2. al, 29. March 2015

    from above review…

    Being based in the United States poses a slight security risk, as it means ExpressVPN is subject to US data retention laws.

    on the side bar “Features” states-> Non US Company!

    and somewhere else on this website mentions British Virgin isles.

    so US on non-US? Which one?

  3. admin, 29. March 2015

    Thank you al, we corrected the mistake. ExpressVPN is based in BVI. Sorry for the confusion!

  4. Iulia, 12. April 2015

    You have in the table // written than Expressvpn has also Linux client software- not true.On Linux, the user can only use PPTP or OpenVPN protocols which are blocked from China.
    Unfortunatelly I could not find better VPN. If they would develop a client software for Linux, if they would correct the windows latest client software version that does not allow anymore the testing of the connection speed to different servers , if they would develop their own protocol ( like VyprVPN THAT UNFORTUNATELY IS NOT PRIVATE SINCE THEY KEEP LOGS ) to bypass any firewalls they then would be BY FAR THE BEST. Or if VyprVPN would not keep logs then they would be BY FAR THE BEST

  5. admin, 13. April 2015

    Thats right lulia. But as far as we know, no vpn provider has a dedicated client so far. But some have example scripts like HidemyAss.

    But if you are in China, i wouldnt mind about VyprVPN keeping logs – they are far from the reach of the chinese government. VyprVPN is way more exposed to NSA and GCHQ – so for china it should be a very good option.

  6. Frank, 6. August 2015

    Hello, I need your help please. I can’t choose between ExpressVPN, HideMyAss, IPVanish and VyprVPN. I will be using it on an android device and for streaming foreign TV (France, UK, US) being Canada. I want a client that is very simple to use and very reliable. Thank you very much for your help.

  7. claudia, 9. August 2015

    Hey Frank,

    i would choose ExpressVPN in your case. Their Android App is very simple, the network is fast and reliable. As you just want to unblock foreign TV, logfiles or not should not be a issue for you.

    I use them to unblock Netflix while i travel the world with my LG G-Pad. I had Nord VPN before but their network was superslow every third day for over 2 weeks, then i switched to Express.

  8. jaimefrai, 12. August 2015

    hello i will be studying in beijing for the following year. I saw some reviews and i cant decide between expressvpn or vyprvpn. Any advice on which one to use?


  9. claudia, 25. August 2015

    @jaimefrai – use VyprVPN in this case, their Chamaeleon Protocol might give you a little advantage in China.

  10. Charlie, 20. October 2015

    ExpressVPN is the WORST VPN service out there. They have a custom software application which is painful to use and which they refuse to improve. To achieve a quick Internet connection with ExpressVPN you will really need to run a Speed Test every time you connect to the Internet. ExpressVPN has a bunch of VPN locations which you will never use (like Kazakhstan) but each time you run a Speed Test they require testing ALL the VPN locations (even the ones you will never use) which is a huge waste of time. During the Speed Test process they first ping the VPN server to test the response time then test the download speed. ExpressVPN Speed Test insists on conducting a download test for VPN servers which Time Out during the ping test which you would not want to connect to anyway. In short using ExpressVPN requires about 10 minutes to connect to the Internet each time you use it. It is a complete waste of time and you should stay away. No service is worth the hassle of using ExpressVPN no matter what the price.

  11. Xocoa, 23. March 2016

    They stole 99.95 USD from my paypal, said they refunded it when they had not when I asked for it back. I put in an unauthorised transaction concern to paypal who sided with them with no explanation why. I sent a request for my money back which they refused to cooperate with. They will keep spinning lies in order not to refund you what you don’t authorise them taking. Now because I put in an official complaint to paypal they’re not sending me the refund despite pretending they already had!

  12. John, 26. March 2016

    I live in Singapore and have high speed internet and have been using buffered with success on my iPad but when streaming to my tv the picture freezes which I assume is an issue with the speed.
    Will Express provide a faster service connecting to Australian TV content?

  13. Afonso, 30. March 2016

    absolute crap, unstable, slow, barely ever connects. I live in China and have the fastest available internet which is 100mbps, express VPN is a waste of money, DO NOT BUY!

  14. Me, 11. May 2016

    Their tech support is top notch.Within 20 seconds they found the problem with activating my account through live chat.People on live chat not just respond fast rather they are knowleadgable.

  15. sam smith, 26. May 2016

    When i went to China i used ExpressVPN and i was satisfied with it because it let me access all the blocked sites in China with a very good speed.

  16. Dan, 1. July 2016

    Resubmitting because I was meant to award 5 stars.

    Half of these reviews (especially the ones with one star) are from users who demonstrate that they don’t even understand how networking or VPN services work.

    Express VPN is perfect, if I have a slow connection one of their end-points, they have multiple other servers to connect to the internet from.

    Their customer service was fantastic when I needed some help with the app not working on my laptop, timely and professional.

    They have no logs and they’re 256-bit encrypted.

    They’re based on the British Virgin Isles.

    They have high marks on all review sites for a reason. Ignore the 1 star people here who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  17. ahmad, 24. July 2016

    expressvpn is amazing vpn service .. i am use this service from 2 years i am very happy with this service !

  18. Jay, 30. August 2016

    Be very careful with them, they can take your money without authorization. We tried Expressvpn in China.. Absolutely useless and we found out later that even other free VPNs were better. This was the reason we contacted them to stop the service and got the reply that it was canceled. However, almost a year later we just found out that they take automatically money from the bank account every month even when we log in to the account it states clearly that the account is expired. WHAT DO THEY CHARGE FOR? was still a mysterious. There is no direct way to contact them except for sending an email or filling contact form. We check how to cancel the payment or stop automatic renewal and it just doesn’t work what they say we have to do.. They make it really difficult or impossible to stop them from taking our money. Read and check more scam-like issues before making the decision to go for Express VPN, the WORST VPN ever..

  19. Mike, 31. August 2016

    Didn’t work out for me, but their customer service was better than expected. I gave them a try thinking that they had the best speeds available. Maybe they did since i haven’t tried anything else, but once I started using them, my interest speed slowed down to back the the dial up modem days. Even loading just simple websites would take a minute or two. I chatted with their service rep which I got a hold of via their live chat quite fast. Changed a few settings, but it was still slow. Changing locations of different servers didn’t help either. So a few days later I cancelled and asked for a refund. A few days after that, I got my refund back. Overall, it didn’t work out for me, but at least they didn’t try to scam me out of my money and their customer service was pretty good.

  20. ld, 11. September 2016

    Express vpn no longer supports Netflix in the US, as I was told this weekend. There servers cannot connect to Netflix in the US at all!!!!! Something people should know if they don’t already!

  21. ld, 11. September 2016

    I forgot to rate it!

  22. Lonnie, 11. October 2016

    This company is a SCAM! They charged our credit card two times and we could not even register – asked for my money back and they are acting as if we did not exist – BANK STATEMENTS don’t lie – DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE IT’S A SCAMMMMMMMMMMMM

  23. Bill D., 12. October 2016

    After two weeks I am totally underwhelmed and considering getting my money back quickly but the options in fact are limited. They promote themselves as the fastest and most reliable VPN for China. Well, maybe that is true considering how difficult the net is in China, but it nothing that is going to open your world up. The customer service rants are unfounded. It can take a day to hear back and been then I still have not gotten a real response to anything. when you get a live chat person they ask you run speed tests and try different server/protocol combinations -as if one has not been doing that- and then they vanish without a sorry or be back. my speeds decrease drastically with the VPN on and i could not even install the app on my PC. i kept getting an error message and had no patience to send yet another message to support and wait a day for a generic response. In the end I will probably stick with it as what choices do i really have here, but their advertising is pretty misleading in my opinion.

  24. nicco74, 13. October 2016

    openvpn for ubuntu 16??

  25. Will Newcomb, 19. October 2016

    I’ve used Expressvpn for 2.5 years now and have been very happy. I’m in China so a vpn is essential. Speeds are not great but no vpn in China is fast. Usually I can play YouTube videos and UK TV without stutter. Their online chat help is excellent and you only have to wait 60 seconds before they respond and they’ve always solved my problems.

    I’ve tried VYPRVPN and was very disappointed in comparison. I’m told ipvanish are faster according to some reviews but not all!

    Highly recommended especially as you get a months free trial.

  26. Garry, 19. December 2016

    I have been using Express VPN for about 6 months now on a 100 mbps fiber connection. I found that if you run their speed test probably once per month is lots and save that to your desktop you can pick the top 5 or so servers and select them as your favorites. Then you can just pick one of the 5 if you need max speed. Most of the time you don’t need over 20 mbps to stream HD video but you should be able to get all of the speed you paid for out of most of the nearby servers and I find that a problem at certain times of the day. I have seen servers giving me 35 70 mbps in the morning and 7 – 10 mbps in the evening. This makes it frustrating because I have to search for another server and speed test it before using online streaming software. A pain, yes but there are always plenty of servers from the east coast to the west coast and everything in between so I have never been left hanging when wanting to see a movie. I have given 4 stars because I thought I only had to use one server and everything would be fine. I guess that is not the way it works unfortunately but I have to give them a 5 out of 5 for customer service. That is what brought me to them as I am a noob and they are VERY quick at getting back to me if I ever have problems. The service is more important to me that getting a full 100 mbps 100% of the time as there are plenty of servers I can select. Overall, a great service for not a huge price. i am happy but may try one of the other “fastest” VPN’s just to see next go around.

  27. Rodney Sprague, 28. December 2016

    I have tried the top 5 and this is without a doubt the simplest, most effective VPN client with the best 24hr support that I have tried. I recently added my wife’s MacBook Pro to my account for no extra charge. I have been using this provider while in Indonesia for over a year now and cannot fault it. The auto/default settings work perfectly for me.
    The recent addition of the auto disconnect feature is just a further improvement and rarely interrupts my connection for more than a few seconds.
    Great app.

  28. Deav, 17. January 2017

    Very good indeed. Also their support is better than others

  29. Bara Bashka, 24. January 2017

    Just tried. Did not work. Crashed 3 times right after installation. This is why I said it three times 🙂

    1. App crashed giving me a Blue Screen Of Death. Rebooted 3 times.
    2. App asking for activation again and again
    3. Customer support (via chat) was not helpful and giving me all kinds of contradictory steps to “fix” an issue.

    Did ask for refund. They gave me 5-6 business days to put money back. Not bad for worthless software.

  30. Bara Bashka, 24. January 2017

    Also, regarding negative experience I just had with this software:
    User interface here ( is much different than interface I just saw after downloading this software. New version seems is not bug-free one.

  31. Christine, 27. January 2017

    I signed up and tried to connect using my router..mine is not accepted. Tried to load download kindle fire app …my fire stick is not compatible. Chat suggested I use my computer as a router. Used their instructions and the admin command was not found. Contacted chat again and must have repeated myself 3 times, they don’t read..suggested i buy a 300$ router. Cancelled before I even started. Their online instructions are not good. Customer service is basic. Too bad.

  32. Teddy, 23. February 2017

    Yup. ExpressVPN is the best when it comes to streaming or downloading. Plus I think it’s the only VPN that actually still unblocks Netflix.

  33. Wayne Miller, 15. April 2017

    Found it would not disconnect and so it interfered with other programs even though it showed it was disconnected. Not knowing it was connected I started doing and IOS download from Apple and Apple did not recognize my IP address and thus related security words so Apple blocked the download to the point I had to wait for Apple to send a new temporary password to reestablish my account. That took several days, all this time without a cell phone

  34. Softtouch, 23. April 2017

    Very slow for me. I have 200mbps connection, but ExpressVPN never goes above 100mbps. Checking its installed network adapter, it only is set as a 100mbps connection, even the lan to router ia 1Gbps.

  35. Pablo, 7. June 2017

    Here is what Express VPN wrote when i told them that my connection was extremely slow. I could not believe what i was seeing. Basically, screw you! You try to get it fixed yourself.Given the good reviews I was extremely surprised and upset.

    Nelson “I’m so sorry there are too many factors at play that such a number would be nearly impossible to quantify. The best thing I could recommend is to try out our service and then you can switch freely between some of the various server locations (especially those close to you) as well as the VPN protocols (available in the options menu).”

    Then i asked where i needed to ask for money back and he immediately sent a message to another department for that. I wanted to see if things would get better given the 30 days i had, but he gave me no option at all.

    I then asked to talk to manager. Took him 10 minutes to answer, “Would it be fine for us to troubleshoot first so that I can help you solve this speed issue that you’re having. “. After his initial reply i had no intention of trying to troubleshoot anything. I told him again that i wanted to talk to his manager.

    Then the manager Ken came and had to spend over 2h with me to get a somewhat decent speed of 2Mbps when i was getting 0.2 Mbps earlier Not sure its worth it with such a low speed so im going to give it some days and see if it gets better.

  36. CJ, 14. October 2017

    my customer service experience with this vpn was terrible. first this vpn could never do what they promised – allow access to US netflix from another country. second i had no idea i was automatically enrolled in auto renewal and then refused a refund by the time i saw it on my credit card statement. when i tried resolving both issues with support, they still could not get me access to US netflix, and they also refused a refund since by the time the charge appeared on my statement, i was 9 days past the dispute period.

  37. SAM, 3. November 2017

    Subscribed for a month (travelling to China) and cancelled automatic renewal on the day I subscribed, as I only needed it for one month. One month after, I found out that the Automatic renewal feature was turned on again (by itself???) and that they would charge me for an extra month. Managed to have that cancelled, but couldn’t get my “money back” for the first month. Also, Express vpn didn’t work at all the whole month I was in China. I tried talking to their support staff (using another vpn that was working) but to no avail and finally gave up.

  38. usman, 21. November 2017

    I dont know if this whole thread is paid or not, but thats what it seems like
    i have used it, it sucks, it stays on connecting status forever and would never connect

    there is no way the support will help you, they asked me the stupidest questions ever, questions that had nothing to do with VPN not connecting,

    they will ask you all the personal questions they can and would say that the questions are part of troubleshooting, and they do it untill you quit



  39. qed007, 27. November 2017

    I keep running regularly into the same problem: ExpressVPN suddenyly refuses to launch. You double click the icon and can see, in the task manager, the ExpressVPN process to start for a couple of seconds, then disappear. You call the support and they advice to install the latest version of the software. This works — until the problem repeats after a couple of weeks. So you need to keep downloading their software, reinstalling it, going to the website to find the activation code again, in order to get it started. I have seen the problem appear while on a public WiFi (airport), having to use unsecure connection to send my passwords to ExpressVPN website undecrypted to get access to the software, download it, and get the VPN working again. As ExpressVPN is careful to remind us, sending passwords over public wifi is a major security risk — as my account contains my credit card details, for example. It is ironic that ExpressVPN claims to sell secure connections, yet its software is so buggy that it undermines the whole purpose of it.

  40. joseph, 18. December 2017

    it works fine on laptop, although i can’t access certain china websites if i am on VPN (i stay in china). But i got to say it is very common for most VPNS so this is not the reason why i am not happy with express VPN

    the biggest reason why i am not happy with them is because i CAN’T USE IT ON MY PHONE. The app is constantly “updating” and i can’t use it despite leaving it on for like hours. I contacted customer service multiple times over this problem and the best they can offer is “redownload the app”. (which may i remind you my app is the latest version).
    It might have been some bug hence we should just give it some time, right? that’s exactly what i did. more than a month later , this problem still exist. And mind you, i am not the only one with this problem. I contacted their customer service today, and they told me they are aware of this bug and will usually fix in the a month time. Come on i already waited for a month. I am paying extra for quality service, not to has distrupted service the whole time. i can barely use VPN on my phone.

    Worse still, you know how they claim you can contact them 24/7 and talk to a live person? This was exactly what i did as now after re-downloading the app i can’t even log in, it just get stuck at the main page. But, there is no one to talk to now. they ask me to put my email and query there. what difference is there from emailing you and “talking to a live person now?”

    I believe one big reason they have such good ratings is because they have this promotion where they give out some awards to their clients if we give them good ratings. Although this type of marketing strategy is not uncommon, I just feel they are alittle over-rated and someone should step up and call them out. which is what i am doing right now.

    to be fair, their vpn works pretty well on the computer recently (although things weren’t so good few weeks back, probably due to stricter reulations then from china government) but i personally uses VPN more often on my phone (whatsapp facebook etc) and i can;t even use it whats the point.

  41. EMG, 15. January 2018

    Downloaded without incident to my windows 10 computer and IPhone. Took all of 10-15 minutes total. Works flawlessly. Chat support was instant and question immediately answered. I don’t understand the negative reviews. It works. It works just fine. Couldn’t be more pleased.

  42. Dan, 16. January 2018

    I have been using expressVPN for 2 years in China on Android and Windows. Obviously the connection speed is slower than without VPN and sometimes it fails to connect but I just change server and then no problem. Speed issues and connection failures in China usually happen when the government updates the network censors but expressVPN hasn’t failed me yet. I recently bought a LinkSys router and installed the router app, easy and no issues. Used customer support a few times via Live Chat and always fast and helpful. I have been told that some other VPNs are faster however I haven’t seen much evidence of this. Overall, ExpressVPN is excellent with no issues since I started using the service.

  43. bob, 6. February 2018

    very poor would never use again. works for a week or so then drops connection tells me to reinstall which i do then good for a week or 2 again have tried on 4 different pc 2 with window 7, 2 with windows 10 same problem on all of them. kill switch works great thankfully as the rest of express vpn is pure crap save your money.

  44. Kate, 20. March 2018

    This is a well-written review! I should try ExpressVPN next time but I’m currently using VPNTunnel. It’s a great alternative.

  45. Lesley Gibson, 21. May 2018

    Do not use this. I subscribed for only one month back in Aug 2016 and stopped. but I just noticed that they started deducting money from me monthly since Dec 2017 till now. Logged in and found that i was subscribed and had auto renewal on, which I definitely didn’t do by myself. What’s even worse is that I don’t know how they got my credit card details because I started using this card in Feb 2017, way after I stopped using this vpn. It’s creepy. You should not trust them.

    I contacted their support and my case has been escalated to their management. Hopefully I can get the money back soon. but will I?

  46. "Anonymous", 3. October 2018

    You forgot to mention the other cons of using ExpressVPN, whoever wrote this article. Some of those cons are the lack of a kill switch for the mobile experience versus the PC experience. Without a kill switch, users are at risk to having their sensitive information out in the open for government agencies to spy on them more in comparison to when they use their PC. Which makes the mobile experience for a VPN pointless when it comes to trying to bypass restrictions and prevent authorities knocking on your door. Another con is that ExpressVPN lies about what server locations are available when you go to IP tracking websites to test what location you use to mask your real IP. Then, ExpressVPN lies about being available for live chatting 24/7 when you go to ExpressVPN’s website. That is the 3rd con. People have had their money taken without their authorization because of ExpressVPN and tried to regain their money to no avail because of PayPal prioritizing a wealthy business over average people because of evil greed. That is a 4th con.

  47. Alfredo Dali, 27. April 2020

    fuck expressvpn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are a ripoff. i used them because i was trying to download “nothing” from piratebay. when my nothing downloaded successfully, i decided to download another “nothing” again (for the record at least i can admit that i do go to piratebay). when i tried to logon my account was disabled (hmmmmm does expressvpn have actual government spying software?) i tried and tried. i wrote the company a nasty email. these mofos send me one of those informal, prewritten repsonse. “try this” “do that”. fuck them. now, if 1000 ppl are being scammed we do take notice. that is what we are supposed to do. but i wonder if only one person gets scammed will we say “bah it is just one dumbass.” i am now using ProtonVPN along with mtorrent. i downloaded a few nothings and it has worked. no problem. I suggest all of your users to use ProtonVPN. they are great!! Fuck ExpressVPN. dont use it. again ProtonVPN for all of your “Needs.” thank you. if anyone is offended at my vulgar vernacular, blame the founding fathers

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