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Last updated: June 4, 2020

Using VPN under Android

Smartphones have been increasing rapidly in demand over the past few years, with the Android OS catching global attention. Due to its simplicity and modern looks, Android OS has become truly popular and millions of users today prefer choosing an Android running device, rather than anything else. However, there have been quite a few complaints as to the security layering of this operating system. So, the people have been left wondering whether or not it is worth risking their safety for the sake of aesthetics and convenience.

Here are the best VPN providers to use on an Android device

In avoidance of the negative consequences that can emerge out of penetrating one’s private information and intercepting valuable details, there is a solution that has become popular as well: the use of VPN. To those who are not familiar with the term, we refer to the Virtual Private Network that enhances the overall protection of any given device – including Androids!
Let’s find out some really useful pieces of info about the Android OS, in order to fully comprehend why engaging in a VPN plan is the best thing that you can do! Here are the top 10 questions about Android OS and VPN:

What Can VPN Do for Protecting Android OS?

The truth is that the web has been crowded with threats and hackers, ready to deceive you online and gain the benefits that they are after. You need something that is going to act as a protective wall and that is going to help you dodge the bullet, remaining anonymous and thus out of reach. The VPN encrypts your traffic and therefore nobody can access the information you send or receive, since it is encoded. So, you cover your digital footprint and you can navigate the web on your Android OS at no risk whatsoever.

What Is the Best VPN for Android OS?

There is no straightforward answer as to this question. Fortunately, most VPN service providers have taken the time and they have come up with great software for Android devices. With that, you can expect to get the fullest coverage against the threats that we have mentioned above. It is imperative, though, that you check for Android compatibility before deciding which VPN you will subscribe to.


The best 3 VPN Provider for Android

How Much Does VPN Cost?

You should know that there is a wide range of price rates that you can get for VPN. It depends on what you are asking for and of course on the duration of your subscription. Nevertheless, there are times when more is less and this means that you ought to search for reliability and special features in the VPN plan. Apparently, if money is an issue there are always truly affordable VPNs and even free VPNs for you to turn to.

Will I Need to Pay for the VPN Android App?

As a rule of thumb, VPN service providers offer you the opportunity to download and install the VPN Android app on your smartphone for free. There is a link on their official website redirecting you to Google Play store and this is where you can start the download.

What Are Security Protocols? What Can I Use for Android?

Security protocols are means of protection for the data that you either send or receive. These are the details that allow advanced encryption and these are the methods for keeping all online threats at bay. So, you need to be thorough when picking the security protocol used for your VPN connection. As a whole, we recommend OpenVPN as a reliable and sophisticated security protocol for Android OS.

What Is the Kill Switch on Android?

Kill Switch is a feature that ensures you never connect to the web without the protection of VPN. As soon as your VPN connection fails (for any reason), the Kill Switch disconnects you from the Internet.

Is Anti-virus an Alternative to VPN?

No, they work on pretty different things. With the VPN, not only you get protection from hackers and threats, but you also hide your true IP address and you unblock a plethora of geographically restricted websites. This is a tool used for various purposes, instead of the anti-virus used to detect viruses and malware.

Does the VPN Slow Down Performance on Androids?

In most cases, the slowing down is not significant and it is barely noticed. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that the encryption can take some time.

Can I Setup VPN on Android Manually?

According to the VPN plan that you have chosen, you will be given instructions for manual and automatic setup. Automatic setup is recommended, particularly if you are not accustomed to computers and VPN usage.

What about Using VPN on More Devices?

Based on the VPN plan that you have subscribed to, there is the option of using VPN on multiple devices. Check it out before agreeing on a VPN plan, if you use a lot of devices (at home, at the office etc.)

How to Setup VPN on Android

Setting up VPN on Android Devices

Setting up VPN on Android Devices

You will be given special details from the VPN service provider upon your sign up. However, this is the general idea as to how to setup VPN on an Android running device:

  1. You click on Home, Menu and Settings
  2. You check Wireless & Networks
  3. You go to VPN Settings
  4. You Add VPN
  5. You choose the type of VPN security protocol
  6. You write down the details of your VPN connection
  7. This is it!

You ought to keep in mind the fact that many Android OS running devices do not have built-in OpenVPN and so you have to add it as an app. Of course, the technical support of the VPN company that you have subscribed to will be more than happy to oblige.

If you follow the instructions displayed above, it is certain that you will be able to enjoy a risk-free connection to the Internet on your precious Android. Feel free to navigate through the FAQ section of the VPN service provider that you have chosen for further information and helpful tips!

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