Last updated: December 13, 2016

Hulu would really like to be the new Netflix, but…!
When it comes to streaming content, Netflix is definitely the industry standard – but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Available only in the United States to US Military serving abroad who get their internet from the base itself (not from a local ISP) and in Japan, Hulu is an alternative.

Obviously, the selection is more limited than Netflix’s however what is there looks good: TV shows such as Grimm, Agents of SHIELD, and Shark Tank; movies such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Something’s Gotta Give; documentaries covering celebrities (BeyoncĂ©, Mohammed Ali), events (9/11: The Falling Man); and history (Vikings: Journey to New Worlds). There’s even classic silent films, children’s cartoons, anime, and foreign films and shows.

One advantage Hulu has over Netflix is that you don’t have to pay to access content. You can visit Hulu and watch a limited (but still pretty good) selection of content from your computer only and put up with the ads, all at no cost and without needing to sign in.

Membership, as they say, has its privileges, however: the upgraded plans remove the ads, expand content availability, and give you the option to watch on your TV or mobile device.

None of that does you any good, however, if you live in the wrong place, so you might as well give up, right? No, not really.

The best 3 VPN Provider to unblock Hulu

Virtual Private Networking is a really great technology: simply put, you log into a server and everywhere you go online feeds through that server. Here’s the kicker: the server doesn’t have to be in your home country – you can be living in Brussels and log into a server located in New York. You could log into a Toronto server from Norway. The really excellent part is that you can log into a San Francisco server from Iran or bypass the Chinese government’s ISP block to access the world through Chicago!

In many countries, ISPs are required to copy your data stream and your emails. A VPN connection, however, is encrypted and normally does not keep records. If records are kept, they’re not very useful: when you logged on, how long you were logged on for, and that’s about it. Typically, they’re kept for a very limited time before being purged.

Using a VPN is simplicity itself – depending on who you’ve signed on with, you either navigate to the server’s address or you pull up the software that was provided. Enter your username and password, wait for confirmation, and then just go ahead and surf as you normally would. You might experience location-related difficulty (ie, unable to access your local Al-Jazeera from a server located outside the country) and when you log into forums, you might show as being located in a country other than you are.

Make sure this won’t cause grief if the wrong person sees it. You wouldn’t want your IT forum posts to show as being from Bermuda on the day you called in sick, so make sure you pull up the appropriate menu or utility and select a new server in the country of your choice.

If you’re tired of paying for cable TV and still having nothing to watch, sign in to a VPN and get all your favourite shows for free from Hulu!

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