Last updated: December 13, 2016

Guinness World Record winning programme on the Beeb?
Yes, indeed! Many fine programmes have a BAFTA or two on the wall, but only one has a Guinness World Record. In 2013, “Top Gear” was certified as the most widely watched factual television programme…. “in the world” (admit it: you totally heard Jeremy Clarkson’s distinctive voice saying that, didn’t you?).

Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond (affectionately known as “Jezza”, “Captain Slow”, and “the Hamster”) and The Stig have succeeded in spreading their love of fine automotive engineering and crazy antics to 212 countries.

It’s not just the big ones, like France and Canada; places like Ghana, Moldova, and Myanmar cannot get enough of the automotive information and completely off-the-charts-crazy antics, all delivered with the Sahara-dry comedic touch for which British comedy is famous.

Every week, millions of viewers tune in to see celebrities panicking and spinning out in the Reasonably-Priced Car (usually just as they’re going into the corner named “Gambon”), watch The Stig pull off amazing stunts such as racing a fighter jet in a Bugatti Veyron, and see what those probably-not-quite-sane minds have dreamed up:

“I know, let’s drive a Toyota pickup to the North Pole while sipping gin and tonics!”

“Sounds great!”

Unfortunately, unless you’re in the UK or have a really good BBC channel in your country, you’re not going to be up to date. You’re probably running at least one season behind, more if you’re relying on services like Netflix. The trick, then, is to access BBC’s online service. In Britain, if you want to watch live (which means “as it’s broadcast”) content, whether it’s on your television, your computer, or your mobile device, you need a TV license. Unfortunately, these licenses only work within the UK and the site checks that you have one. If you avoid live content and only use the catchup service, you don’t need a license but the iPlayer only works within the UK.

The best 3 VPN Provider to unblock BBC iPlayer

If you’re living outside the UK, use a Virtual Private Network to access the BBC iPlayer and keep up with the best in British entertainment – for free! How does it work? By logging into a UK-based server, as far as anybody on the web can see, you are in the UK. Everywhere you go on the net, you are feeding out through that UK server. As an example, let’s say you’re in Germany but logged into a UK server and you have a SkyGo subscription. If you try to watch a football game, you will get a message saying it’s unavailable from your country – you’ll have to get out of the VPN or log into a German server in order to use SkyGo. The servers that dish out online content are usually not too concerned with the ultimate destination; as long as it’s going to a regionally correct IP address, they’re happy.

Using a VPN realizes the dream of the original founders of the internet by removing national borders and allowing the unlimited exchange of information – enjoy!

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