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Last updated: December 13, 2016

Amazon Instant VideoAmazon Instant Video offers instant, streamed videos to customers when ordered. Although the Amazon Instant Video service is fantastic, it’s only available to customers located in the United States. There are ways of unblocking the Instant Video service to ensure it’s streamed through to devices around the world, one of these is to register for virtual private network (VPN) service.

When planning to unblock Amazon Instant Video customers initially need to set up a payment method with a Prime subscription account. This entails setting a fake American address for a payment card, this can be easily sourced from Google, although customers need to ensure the address is not set as the account holder’s 1-click address or that goods are not sent to the address in error. Once the Prime subscription has been set up successfully it’s merely a case of enrolling with a VPN provider to anonymize any Internet devices used on Instant Video service and then it’s possible to stream as much video content as required, on demand.

Unblock Amazon Instant VideoThe major consideration when choosing a VPN provider is that the company must have server(s) located in the United States. Amazon Instant Video will only stream video out to Internet devices logged in from a United States IP address and any American server will allocate this kind of address to the customer.

Logging into Amazon Instant Video from a device displaying an IP address from any other country than the United States will result in an error message from Amazon stating the company has detected the customer is not situated within the United States and due to licensing restrictions customers need to be located in the United States in order to view videos online. The United States IP address allocated to a VPN user will bypass this restriction and ensure the requested video is streamed to the device, no matter where it is located in the world.

The best 3 VPN Provider to unblock Amazon Instant Video

Once the consumer has chosen and registered for the most appropriate VPN service unblocking the Amazon Instant Video streaming is simply a matter of accessing the VPN from the chosen Internet-enabled device and choosing to base the device via a United States server. When the encrypted VPN tunnel is active the user is secure inside a safe and anonymous IP identity and can access the Amazon Instant Video site, choose the video required and stream it to the device. More on this website.

Consumers based in areas of the world where censorship and site blocking is common will find this procedure works for unblocking any site, just so long as the correct country servers are chosen. What’s more ISPs and snoopers are unable to trace or track any websites visited or, indeed, any user activity so the VPN customer can access these services without fear of retribution from any third parties.

Choosing the right VPN provider is a matter of personal choice, however anonymity and privacy of customer data should be a prime consideration when taking out services of this nature.

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