Vypr VPN Review – Scam or not?

Last updated: May 26, 2022
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The Golden Frog hops right over the Great Firewall of China

Golden Frog, a Swiss / US global online service provider, teamed up with Giganews.com to create VyprVPN, a Virtual Private Network that, unusually, is solely owned and managed by the company, right down to the software development.

Good to know: The vyprVPN-Service also includes a DNS-Service (vyprDNS). All VyprDNS servers are Golden Frog’s 100% owned. VyprDNS is built into VyprVPN: Every time you connect, you will automatically use VyprDNS. That guarantees you even more safety and anonymity.

VyprVPN Review

How VyprVPN works

VyprVPN protects you from “DNS man in the middle” attacks. This kind of attack can block your internet access to a particular website or online application by redirecting you to a different destination. These attacks can occur when you are connecting to the internet using a third party server or when you are in a country where internet censorship is implemented, such as Iran, China and Turkey.

To prevent these attacks from happening, VyprVPN lets your data pass through an encrypted channel, so that it can avoid any DNS filtering and attacks. It allows you to connect directly to one of their self-managed VPN servers, so that you can bypass the third party server limitations that restrict your browsing activities.

With this kind of process, you can surely have the freedom to enjoy the true experience of an open internet anywhere in the world.

Vypr VPN Technology

VyprVPN is a company that supplies affordable VPN services to its customers around the world. It was formed in 2009 by global internet provider Golden Frog. The company specializes on providing personal VPN connections through its 200,000+ IP addresses in over 700 servers located across Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Asia.

For years, VyprVPN has been managing its own network and writing their source codes. This process affords users with extra levels of privacy and security in terms of their VPN connections. It also supplies them with a faster speed compared to other VPN services that outsource their networks.

VyprVPN’s parent company, Golden Frog has been known to deliver reliable internet service since 1994. It was founded by internet veterans who are committed to delivering services and applications that protect the privacy and security of its customers. Their company headquarters is located in Switzerland, which is a country known for its firm privacy policies and laws.

In this VyprVPN review, our main objective is to provide you with the positive and negative information that relates to VyprVPN service, so that you would have the necessary data needed to decide whether or not this VPN service meets your demands and expectations.

Features of VyprVPN

Self-Managed Servers

VyprVPN maintains and manages its own servers. They have over 700 servers located in 48 countries worldwide. The fact that they manage and own their servers can’t be verified. But, if it is true, then this feature can provide users with extra protection and faster speed than those who uses third party servers.

VyprDNS – Zero Logging

VyprVPN uses its own VyprDNS and does not rely on your ISP or any other third party DNS servers.
VyprDNS is 100% owned by Golden Frog. It is developed with zero-logging feature to increase user’s privacy and protection. However, we found out that VyprVPN apps records connection logs, but it is only used for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes only – they say… So be careful when you don´t want anyone to know that you are visiting vr sex sites 😉

Update: VyprVPN doesn`t keep logfiles anymore, that has been verified by Leviathan Security Group!

Multiple Encryption Protocols

OpenVPN (160-bit and 256-bit), PPTP (128-bit) and L2TP (256-bit) protocols are available to use with VyprVPN network. VyprVPN has its own proprietary encryption protocol called Chameleon (256-bit).
The Chameleon technology scrambles the packet metadata of a 256-bit unmodified OpenVPN protocol to mask its data from DPI (deep packet inspections). This kind of method ensures that all data can bypass any local filtering done that may restrict your internet access in your location. Unfortunately, if you purchase the basic package, you can only use PPTP when you connect to the VPN network.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Switches

VyprVPN offers customers with unlimited bandwidth and server switches, so that you can have the freedom to access the internet anytime and any day.

Free Dump Truck Online Storage

VyprVPN accounts used to come with a free online storage (Dump Truck) that you could use to share or store your files securely (10GB for basic, 25GB for pro and 50GB for premium). They stopped this service in the end of 2015.

Vypr VPN Countries

Device Compatibility

VyprVPN supports devices that runs on Windows, iOS, MacOS and Anroid. It has easy to use applications that you can use to connect to VyprVPN fast and easily. VyprVPN does not currently support devices that run on Linux. However, Linux support is now in Beta testing and may be available in the future.

Unlike other VPN service providers that allow you to connect multiple devices on their network, the number of devices that you can connect to the VyprVPN network simultaneously, depends on the type of package that you use (one for basic, two for pro and three for premier).

24x7x365 Customer Support

VyprVPN customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
Help and assistance is available for VyprVPN customers through email and live chat.

Risk Free 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

VyprVPN offers a money back guarantee for a whole month, so you can check out risk free if the service works well for you.

The Vypr VPN software interface:

The beautifully designed software interface of VyprVPN offers a connect or disconnect button. It shows the connection status and the speed of your uploads and downloads.

You also see your IP address, the duration of your connection, which protocol is running and the status of the NAT firewall.

Right on top you find the little icon for individual technical settings.

The 712 servers Golden Frog currently owns are located in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the UK, the US (4 servers), and Vietnam.

Goldenfrog has a huge network infrastructure because of their roots in the usenet industry. They run one of the best Usenet-Services, Giganews.

Between the lot, more than 200,000 IP addresses are at your disposal. The service is compatible with virtually any device, as it can be run on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and it allows you to choose the server and protocol you need.

Speaking of protocols, Golden Frog has an interesting twist. Not only do you have the typical 160- & 256-bit OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP, but, just because they could, they went and developed their own protocol, Chameleon, which is (so far) unblockable.

To anyone checking, even at a deep packet level, it looks like a bog standard HTTPS connection (Perfectly harmless! Nothing to see here!), yet it’s unstoppable even by the Great Firewall of China! Chameleon slides through net-border security like a ghost where the usual protocols get bounced back.

Benefits of VyprVPN

Protects your online information

Government and other entities can easily spy on any information that you transmit on the internet. But with VyrVPN, all data are encrypted and masked to protect your privacy and security. It prevents data sniffers from retrieving any information that you send and receive online.

Restores your internet freedom

VyprVPN prevents the throttling of your internet connection speed by masking your data transmission. It also stops any deep-packet inspections on your browsing activities and circumvents firewall restrictions that limits and blocks your access to the internet.

Our VyprVPN Speed test Results (median values)

  • Upload Speed: 2.5Mbps
  • Download Speed: 15.95 Mbps
  • Ping time: 84 ms

Speed Test of VyprVPN

Speed test of VyprVPN in the USA:

Speed test of VyprVPN in Australia:
Speed test of VyprVPN in Germany:

VyprVPN isn’t like some VPNs, where you do what you do and they don’t care. There are standards and they are enforced – there is more than one report of someone being tossed for violations that put them over the “two strikes and you’re out” limit.

Preserve your online discretion, protect your information, and bypass any inconvenient geoblocking and censorship with VyprVPN’s solid service.

VyprVPN Plans and Pricing Overview

  • 2 Years – $2.50/mo (81% Off)
  • 1 Year – $3.75/mo (71% Off)
  • Monthly – $12.95/mo

VyprVPN Mode of Payments

  • Show
  • Visa Electron
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • PayPal

A big downside of Vypr is surely that they do not accept Bitcoin. Thats pretty ´99 in our opinion, taking the demand for anonymous payment methods in account, as well as the incredible rise and sucess of Bitcoin so far. Most other VPN Providers support Bitcoin and other crypto currencies – but Vypr doesnt seem to be interested in them at all. One way to pay anonymously at Vypr is a virtual credit card which can be loaded with bitcoin. Most credit/debit card providers on this site about virtual credit cards support payments upt to $2500 without identification.

VyprVPN: Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switches
  • Increase Privacy and Security (manages own network)
  • 24x 7 x 365 customer support
  • 200,000+ IP addresses
  • 700+ servers in 35 countries
  • Multiple Protocols
  • Proprietary Chameleon Protocol
  • Device compatibility
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • VyprDNS


  • Does not support Bitcoin
  • Basic plan only supports PPTP
  • Limited number of device that can be connected at the same time (maximum of 3-depends on the plan purchased)

VyprVPN Review Conclusion

VyprVPN is one of the best VPN service in the market today for streaming purposes and bypassing governemnt censorship – especially in china. Its increase security and protection can satisfy most requirements that people look for in a VPN service. However, one drawback is that the features are dependent on the type of plan you purchase. The Basic plan is quite weak in terms of options and connectivity features. Thus, to be able to fulfil your demands, it is recommended that you purchase either the pro or premium plan.

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17 User-Reviews for Goldenfrog.com
  1. William Haynes, 16. September 2015

    HORRIBLE customer service. The service was slow on my macbook pro and iPhone 6s. I filled out a form with lots of questions for troubleshooting. When I got a response it was about the same troubleshooting questions. I was then CHARGED for the service though it had not been working from the beginning!

    I have to now take the time to file a dispute with my credit card company! Horrible product, horrible service! save yourself the time.

  2. Chris, 23. December 2015

    they are a fraudulent company, stay away from them.

    they hide their subscription under ‘payment plans’ in paypal, so that you don’t see it in the regular ‘pre-approved payments’.

    i’ve looked through that list multiple times and was wondering why I got charged again.

    I have ton’s of companies using in the pre-approved payments page, but goldenfrog is the only one using the payment plan. this is obviously intentional so users can’t find it that fast

  3. Karina, 21. January 2016

    Their was an incoming mail in my inbox from dmca (golden frog). So id opened it. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, Paramount Pictures have warned me for transferring illegal content?

    IP Echelon have found me and because they couldn’t track my private address, they have contacted golden frog.

    Golden frog are saying nothing will be stored like data? Well guess what, they fucking lying! Everybody can get to your information also golden frog who are giving your identity to companies like IP Echelon.

    Safe on internet doesn’t exist. They are all Illuminati people! Golden frog is part of them. Telling us about freedom on the net. Tell that my ass!

    Vyprvpn is a good app, but I doubt golden frog is behind the civilian privacy. Golden frog is yelling about freedom, privacy, no storing data from customers, bla bla bla, but this is the evidence they do saving your internet activity!

    Shame, shame, shame. U know what i ment with this.

  4. Jordan, 3. February 2016

    Pursuant to many other comments on here, it should be made VERY transparent to potential customers that Golden Frog openly shares your data with anyone who might ask for it. If the entire purpose of the VPN is anonymity, Golden Frog is failing. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE IF YOU DESIRE PRIVACY.

  5. Feanor, 22. February 2016

    Vypr are scumbags. Avoid.

    To explain, BBC and Amazon have successfully blocked them for six months now. Six months. Every expat friend of mine who uses other VPN services isn’t having any problems. Worse, Vypr tech support made me waste hours of my time troubleshooting when they must have known the problem is their end.

    And to add insult to injury, their auto-renewal kicked in and I’ve paid for a year of a service that doesn’t do what I need it to do. I would have cancelled the auto-renew but the wording when doing so suggests the service will stop working straight away and not at the end of the subscription (it won’t stop straight away). They haven’t offered me a refund either.

    The silver lining is that I’ve discovered Unlocator, which is vastly superior. But I’m still paying twice for the same thing.

    This is a highly competitive marketplace and business practices such as this need to be punished by customers. Please, do not use Vypr – and if you do, please cancel your subscription and use someone else.

  6. DavidJ, 20. May 2016

    Vypr is crap. They are expensive and they offer bad software, their proxies are blacklisted by many across the Web so you can’t get access to websites with their IP. I use Hide My IP VPN now, I’ve found much better service there.

  7. jon doe, 25. May 2016

    we only log for “cyber crime” rofl umm…NO…and PIA works the best, with a kill switch…

  8. Joe Mocassins, 15. June 2016

    Seemed like a good service to begin with. Even though I’m based in the Asia-Pacific region, I make the following review: Golden Frog openly condone bypassing China’s VPN bans by implementing their own Chameleon protocol (which is fairly good), knowing full-well that the ban is an act of the Chinese government. By stark contrast, they ‘re happy to forward on DMCA notices which, again, is an act of government ? But this act is an act of the US government … not sure why it’s different ?

    In order to host ‘truly’ anonymous VPN services, your provider should keep zero logs. Golden frog doesn’t do this. Depending on your VPN usage, read other reviews and choose your provider ‘very’ carefully.

    Any company that logs your usage, even for 30 days cannot truthfully promise ‘anonymity’ on the modern web.

  9. hans, 13. July 2016

    I signed up recently via a review of how good they are. due to [my] lack of due diligence I noticed they log a lot. when I asked about a refund their reply was “Refund Policy: No refunds will be given under any circumstances.” I cancel the renew via paypal.

    I was thinking of trying IPVanish as they list they don’t log, but a few review sites in 2014 wrote users had been turned over to DMCA. if they don’t log how the heck they do that? on the fence of trying them but at least they take bitcoin.

    I use also PIA and TorGuard, which seem ok for now. but the heck with VyprVPN. like another poster here mentioning VyprVPN coming down on China but then turns around and turns other users in & a long list of other issues diminishing anonymity.

  10. laz, 17. August 2016

    Excellent app, great product, terrible terrible privacy. Recieved a DMCA notice within a day of using it. Never recieved a notice from my own ISP. Avoid if you value privacy

  11. Tyler, 16. October 2016

    great service- fast and easy to use applications. kill switch and connect on untrusted wifi are added bonuses.

  12. james, 24. October 2016

    The IOS iphone app actually blocks our wifi access and you have to continually log in and out to get it to work. Why this is rated so high is beyond me. The desktop version works well however.

  13. Alan Gourmet, 25. December 2016

    Website lists a page dedicated to stating they have a peru vpn. I sign up download their application and login only to find they don’t have a peru vpn.

    Page: goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn/peru-vpn
    server list without vpn: goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn/features/vpn-server-locations

    Absolute joke of a company

  14. PissedOff, 23. March 2017

    Yes, Horrible customer service. Their tech support is just a bunch of incompetent people who can’t wait to close out your trouble ticket. Don’t respond in 24 hours and it’s closed — naturally the problem is solved, NOT! It’s a joke. I hope they don’t believe their own BS. There are incapable of testing anything and have very tittle basic knowledge.

    For the past several months, on all their servers, the connection quality has gone down for UDP applications. Using Skype or SIP telephone results in black-outs of 5-15 seconds every minute or worse!! Useless! It’s not just one site either. It’s all of them. I wrote a test program to verify it (also gave it to several colleagues to run on their own/different networks). Everyone got the same bad results. The test ran for 6 hours and every 20-50 seconds there were serious traffic drops. There is either a problem with their firewalls or they are discarding UDP traffic to save money and bandwidth. It truly sucks!!! Running the same tests simultaneously on Private Internet Access showed perfect results on servers in the same city. It’s definitely their problems.

    Bumbling idiots!

    They also advertise that you can turn off the NAT firewall (to receive inbound connections like FTP). Well, it works on some of their servers and not others. The Washington (Alexandria, VA) servers doesn’t work and has major firewall problems. It took me months to convince them and they finally recognized the problem. Four months later they’ve done nothing but stonewall me.

    I’ve never had a problem with the speed but the quality of the connection sis very bad.

    If you want to use Skype or SIP phones, this is not the VPN provider to choose.

    I suspect that they are on their dying legs and are cutting costs to the bone. Of course that’s like committing suicide but they don’t care apparently.

    It’s a total waste of time to bother with these stupid, incompetent people. Go somewhere where they care or want your business!!!

  15. allan, 7. July 2017

    These guys are not anonymous at all. After a hour of usage they locked my account and started to ask following questions: where am I from? What is my credit card last 4 digits? At what time did I register with them? And if you don’t agree to answer, they simply block you access to VPN, they don’t care what you think about that. For sure, this VPN exists just to spy for you, it is not anonymous and it asks even more details about you than they see already from theirs logs.

  16. Santiago, 16. September 2017

    They keep billing you months after you cancel your account. Unacceptable.

  17. MeMeMe, 17. October 2017

    Used them for almost a year until I realized they log and they happily turn those logs over to any outside organization that requests them. They have an email address that is “DMCA@goldenfrog.com” and I guess that’s really all you need to know about them.

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