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WARNING: VPNTunnel seems to have changed its owner – or at least its jurisdiction. Since then more and more users complain about having paid for a subscription but the service didnt work – or just a few days until they couldnt log in. The support doesnt seem to answer to their mails. Also there are reports of VPNTunnel affiliates that their payments have been deleted without notice – and the support also doesnt answer. We also tried to contact VPNTunnel – but we got no answer as well. Sad story – it has been a nice VPN Service. We recommend to use IPVanish, HidemyAss or ExpressVPN instead now.
Also, VPNTunnel seems to spam positive reviews into several websites. We deleted all of them as they were all from the same IP range, posted at the same time (within one hour) – you must be really desperate if you have your own troll army to spam websites with positive comments… what loosers…

VPNTunnel – Oh, those whacky Swedes!

Swedish company Netalia AB created VPNTunnel in 2008 as a means of protecting their customers’ online privacy. While VPNTunnel is quite exceptional in that servers in certain countries do not log anything at all and cross-platform compatibility is excellent, customer service is notably lacking (a question on VPNTunnel’s twitter feed has gone unanswered since May of 2013 and the most recent tweet is from August 2013). Furthermore, speed testing is not promising – overall, expect a 10-30% drop in speed.

While they do own and maintain their own servers in Sweden, servers located in other countries are third-party so it’s pretty much catch as catch can and hope for the best.

That being said, €5 a month for the OpenVPN package and €7 for the Premium package are affordable, more so if you pay longer term. At €89 for a 24-month OpenVPN subscription and €139 for 24 months of the Premium package, it’s even more affordable. Note that the website lists three packages: PPTP, OpenVPN, and Premium, which basically combines the two, but if you go into the order page, there is no option to order the PPTP package.

VPNtunnel has about 10,000 IPs. The real beauty of this plan is that if you log into servers in the following countries, there is absolutely no logging of your activity – not even a timestamp:

  • Sweden
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Romania
  • Russia

Servers located in other parts of the world (so far, I can only find official mention of Finland although others are mentioned) are legally required to timestamp you logging in and out and keep track of the bandwidth you use.

According to their Privacy Policy/Terms of Service:

VPNtunnel.se always store e-mail addresses and user names in order to provide users with their login details. We will never ask our users for any personal data. We do not monitor any traffic.

About logging: what matters not is where you go into the internet but where you come out. Where you’re sitting is not important: you are subject to the laws governing the country of the server you’ve logged into. Someone in the United States using a Swedish server is not logged but someone in Sweden using an American server is logged.

If you’re looking for a quiet little VPN to get you around in peace and privacy, VPNTunnel is not worth checking out. Just read the red box above to see what sucks about them.

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  1. Basit Ally, 25. August 2015

    You must have meant 10,000 IPs. If not, you are trying to fool the world.

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