VPN.ht Review – Scam or not?

Last updated: October 7, 2017
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A new VPN service provider based in Belize has drawn our attention and its name is VPN.ht. This is the built-in solution for Popcorn Time lovers, offering an easy to use option for overcoming geographical restrictions and allowing users to enjoy great content worldwide. If you are interested in finding out more about this new competitor from Belize, read along and check both the pros and cons at our in-depth VPN.ht review. You will learn everything about this VPN alternative and you will see whether or not it is worth taking the time and trying it out yourself. So, let’s get started!

Features of VPN.ht

bitcoin casino gamesWe start off our VPN.ht review with the features that you can get from the plans provided. Well, there are no fancy features that could impress you. This, however, does not mean that there is no quality in what the providers from Belize have gathered for their customers. To be more specific, you get unlimited bandwidth and superb speed for up to three devices at a time. There is full compatibility with all OS and devices, which can help you out a great deal.

No logs policy is another feature worth considering, especially when it comes to VPN usage. P2P sharing is not frowned upon and this really makes us smile. VPN.ht is probably the best VPN for Popcorn Time users, which can explain why it is integrated in the service. Easy setup completes the features offered by VPN.ht, along with a decent VPN servers’ network to have your pick from. It is also worth noting that you get free proxy service along with your VPN subscription.

Online Security

We have already talked about their zero logs policy and this is great, in terms of anonymity and security online. These are the backbone of VPNs, after all. As far as security protocols are concerned, you can get up to 256-bit military grade encryption. There are great options available to you, according to your priorities. For example, you can choose between the 64-bit Blowfish and 128 / 256-bit AES encryption. No matter if you value speed or protection most, VPN.ht has got you covered. OpenVPN is the recommended security protocol, with PPTP, L2TP etc. also on offer.

Pricing & Plans

Things are simple here, as well! In fact, with VPN.ht you do not have a lot to choose from in terms of VPN plans. The first month for you is offered at $1 (there is no free trial, but this is the next great thing!) and every other month costs $4.99. Of course, the yearly subscription is significantly lower and costs $39.99 (which gives us $3.33 per month). You can benefit from a whole month of full money refund guarantee, in case something goes wrong and you feel like giving up on your plan. Last but not least, there are multiple payment methods for you to select from.

Since we are talking about the use of VPN, Bitcoin is the optimal solution (Bitcoin equals anonymity, right?). There are many other alternatives, including PayPal, various credit cards and WebMoney. No actual personal information is required, in order to complete the sign-up process and buy your VPN subscription.


VPN.ht is a new VPN service provider, which can lead to flaws and inadequacies in the field of support. They are working on it, though! You can have a look at their support section, which has got all the OS and devices separated and this makes your navigation through their answers much easier. A lot of queries can be covered by the answers found at the FAQ section. Then, there is a step by step guide for you to take advantage of.

A contact form can also be proven helpful, with estimated time of response not more than a few hours. Of course, instant response time can be found via the live chat on their website (which is not always live, though). They have got basic presence on social media like Facebook or Twitter and you can also check their announcements for recent additions.

Speed and Performance

Example of the mobile client interface

Popcorn Time and P2P require high speed and quality performance. Fortunately, VPN.ht lives up to the task and provides great speed and performance (with minor glitches, if any). Of course, it depends on the security protocol and the type of encryption that you choose to use (Blowfish works more efficiently and offers superb live streaming). Apparently, the speed and performance of the free proxy service cannot be compared to the VPN outcome. Still, they can serve as fast and super-easy to use options, when you do not need anything more than that. One drawback is their Android app, which can be proven less than practical and efficient (crashing at times).


We have completed our VPN.ht review and it is now time for us to display our conclusions. First of all, it is really important to state that this VPN service provider is an affordable solution located in Belize. With all the advanced security protocols and with great encryption alternatives, you can get high-class, military grade security and at the same time enjoy P2P and live streaming. This is the built-in VPN for Popcorn Time, revealing just how good its performance is for this service.

Even though you do not have as many options as you may have wished for in terms of support, the VPN plan available is a reliable solution that enables inexpensive VPN connection and the bonus of free proxy service. You can get the chance to use the same VPN account on up to three simultaneous devices, without any problem or discrepancies. Full compatibility adds to the overall user experience and generally this VPN is recommended, particularly to those who want to enjoy streaming and share P2P files.

In a nutshell:


  • Built-in for Popcorn Time
  • Super affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Free proxy service
  • No logs
  • Three simultaneous devices


  • Basic support
  • Changes in servers can mess with speed and performance
  • Android app can be problematic


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