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Total VPN has launched its services in 2014, as a part of Pseudio Ltd DBA. It is located in the United Kingdom, Segensworth in specific. Without any bandwidth restrictions and with a growing network of over 30 servers, this VPN service provider aims at building its reputation on solid ground. If you are interested in finding out how they score up till now, you can check out our thorough Total VPN review. This will clear things up for you, as to whether or not they are a VPN option worth considering.

Total VPN Features

Nobody can argue that 30 servers is not the richest network of VPN servers available in the market. However, they are strategically located and they cover pretty much every part of the world. So, it is not just the quantity that matters – it is more important to get the quality needed for surfing the web at great speeds and this is something that Total VPN can be proud of.

Just to name a few, there are 11 servers in North America, 17 servers in Europe and 5 in Asia. All these servers compose over 150 different IPs for you to benefit from. Unlimited bandwidth without any traffic limit is a plus of Total VPN, as is the free plan that we will analyze below. This free plan if offered for life, providing a great solution to those who do not wish to spend money on VPN. P2P file sharing is allowed, which can be an added bonus for the people who want to engage in such activities online.

Three simultaneous connections are accepted with a single account and this is definitely another advantage for Total VPN subscribers. 99.99% Uptime guarantee and full compatibility add to the user experience, as much as unlimited reconnects. Windows, Mac, iOS and Android users will be glad to navigate through the site and find the guide they are looking for. App for Chromebook is also on the way. On the downside, no Kill Switch or DNS leak feature are available. As a whole, there are satisfying features in subscribing to Total VPN. With a relative addition of servers, things will become even better for the user.

Total VPN and Online Security

When it comes to the security protocols supported by Total VPN, there is decent versatility. PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and IkeV2 are the options you get, which cover every need of individuals and enterprises alike. 128-bit encryption is offered on PPTP, whereas 256-bit encryption is offered on all the rest security protocols.

If you are worried about online security and more importantly about privacy, you are kindly encouraged to read through their Privacy Policy and DMCA for further details. They have log tracking for Time Stamps. From their page, we quote: “We collect the following types of information from you to provide the Services and for the purposes described below.

The information may be provided by you voluntarily or we may automatically collect the information through communications, profiles, or cookies.” Although such information is primarily used for monitoring users’ patterns and optimizing services, it requires some attention.

Total VPN Pricing & Plans

Two plans are offered by Total VPN, one free and another one at a reasonable cost. In the free version, you only get the chance to connect to 3 locations and there are some limits as to the bandwidth that you use and the data transfer. In addition, only one connection is accepted from a single account – but this is justified, due to the data restrictions.

On the bright side, the free version supports all security protocols. Now, the premium plan is offered at €6.95 per month. This includes over 30 server locations, as well as unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, three simultaneous connections at a time and of course all security protocols. Premium Proxy is another advantage you get with the paid version.

There is no free trial per se, but nobody needs it – after all, the free version lasts for as much as you want and acts like a free trial. As for the full money refund guarantee, it stretches for a whole month and makes things even better for potential customers. More specifically, full money back guarantee is offered in the first month, pro rata after that point.

There is no free coupon available from the provider yet, although the free service forever can be considered as such.Last but not least, you can choose to pay via credit cards or PayPal for subscribing to the premium plan of Total VPN.

Total VPN and Customer Support

Next on our Total VPN review, we are ready to lay out everything about customer support. First of all, there is 24/7 live chat that you will find really useful. You are prompted to state your name and add your email address, in order to start chatting with a company representative. Apart from the live chat, there is the option of submitting a ticket.

According to its nature (technical, billing or sales related), you will be redirected to the respective section. This makes things easier for you. Additionally, there are quite a few other alternatives in the field of customer support. The knowledge base includes topics like tips and tricks, installation guides and billing inquiries.

A FAQ section allows you to wander through the most frequently asked questions. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are also active, along with an informative blog. Generally, the customer support of Total VPN is more than satisfactory.


The Website

As far as the website is concerned, a simple and efficient layout has been designed. You can scroll down and find out the features, apps, locations and plans you are looking for. Everything is simple and easy to use, including the login that only takes a couple of seconds – you click on the login button on the top right side of the home page.


Signing Up

In order to sign up to the free plan, you just need an email address and nothing else. For the premium plan, though, you will be required to add a valid credit card (since you will need to pay for the services provided). From the home page of Total VPN, you click on the “Get Total VPN” button next to login and you are redirected to a plain pop-up window, where you write down your full name, an email address and a password. That’s it!


Using Total VPN on Windows

You are prompted to download the free software that matches the needs of your device, as soon as you have logged in to the service. For Windows, you get a simple menu that allows you to quickly connect to the VPN server of your choosing. At the left, there is a list with all the servers and you can flag anyone as your preferred way of connecting to the web.

Up till now, OpenVPN is not set by default and this can make things more difficult for users who have to configure everything manually. It is a time-consuming process for those not familiar with it. However, you can always use PPTP and connect easily.


London Server



New York server

Milan server

Total VPN and Speed & Performance

On all the servers we have tested, the results have been quite similar. The download speed stretched from 4.87 to 5.10 Mbps, whereas the upload speed varied from 0.69 to 0.72 Mbps. No disconnecting issues were noticed throughout the test.

Other Platforms

There are apps for all devices, in order to help you out. More specifically, you can download the apps for your Android device on Google Store. Apple Store also offers an app for Total VPN and Chromebook app is on the way. The best thing about the Android app is that it uses OpenVPN by default, offering an advanced level of security via encryption.

Bottom Line

Now that we have completed our Total VPN review, we can wrap things up and see where both their strengths and weaknesses lie. First of all, it is a relatively new company based in the UK. Even though they are new, what they offer is more than OK. Their free version lasts forever and it can be yours without any delay or baffle.

You simply get on the home page and click on the button and voila! Apparently, you cannot expect to get top notch service gratis. Still, it is a great way for you to check out if the service lives up to your expectations. Then, all security protocols are supported and there is full compatibility to consider. The customer support is great, too, with live chat operating 24/7 and many other alternatives.

On the downside, the premium plan is not that cheap and the VPN network could use some extra servers. Another wonderful addition would be that of extra payment methods (with Bitcoin offering a fully anonymous option). As a last tip, please do not forget to read through their privacy policy for clearing everything up. In a nutshell, the pros and cons of Total VPN are the following:


  • Advanced encryption with all security protocols
  • P2P file sharing allowed
  • Free version forever
  • Full compatibility
  • Great customer support


  • Free version is limited, as to performance
  • Payment methods could use additions
  • Just 30 VPN servers
  • Privacy policy needs studying
  • Pricing on Website is not user-friendly


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