Tiger VPN Review – Scam or not?

Last updated: October 7, 2017
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Tiger VPN is a relatively new VPN company, established in 2011 in Slovakia. This is where their headquarters are, making it a friendly location (unlike the United States or the United Kingdom, per se). Their mascot is a tiger (as many of you may have already guessed!), highlighting the desire of the VPN to suggest power and solid nature.

As we are about to see at our Tiger VPN review, there are both pros and cons in using such a VPN service provider. We are going to show you the various different aspects of evaluating the VPN, such as the features and the compatibility, the security and the support, the affordability and the ease of use. So, let’s get started!

Tiger VPN Features

Starting out our Tiger VPN review, we are going to highlight the special features provided by their plans. First of all, there is a network of 62 servers located in 42 countries (with a promise of constant expansion). This is a great start, to say the least. Unlimited bandwidth for unlimited usage is a wonderful bonus, as it is not rare for extra charges to apply when a set limit is breached.

P2P file sharing is allowed, making Tiger VPN a friendly VPN service provider towards offering such helpful options to its users. No logs are kept, as we are about to see later on – with all the advanced security protocols on offer. Easy setup, with no software required, add to the overall satisfaction of customers. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription with no penalty, which is great also. On the downside, you ought to pay for simultaneous connections using a single account.

Tiger VPN Online Security

As we have outlined above, there are no logs kept at Tiger VPN. This is awesome, considering just how evasive today’s online activities can be. When you use VPN, you are understandably worried about anonymity and privacy. As they quote on their website: “no logging, no NSA!” and this is a plus! Apart from that, PPTP + L2TP + OpenVPN are all supported (with OpenVPN being the preferred security protocol).

128/256-bit SSL key is used, in order to encrypt data powerfully and without any exception. They are PCI Level 1 compliant, which means that they operate with the standard of the Credit Card Processing Industry – your data is secured at all times. No third party hardware is involved, making Tiger VPN a truly reliable company. Lastly, Bitcoins are accepted as a payment option!

Tiger VPN and Pricing & Plans

As far as pricing and plans are concerned, there is a single plan with varying monthly fees (depending on the time duration you wish to subscribe for). To be more specific, the monthly subscription for Tiger VPN is €7 (this is rather expensive, compared to other VPNs). When you choose to subscribe for a whole year, you get the chance to lower your monthly fees by 20 per cent (meaning that you only pay €5.83 per month).

There is no actual free trial, but there is a 3 day full money refund guarantee that you can benefit from. As you can see, the whole pricing is a bit on the expensive side. Especially if you consider the fact that you pay more for adding more simultaneous VPN connections for a single account, there are more affordable options out there! Still, in terms of payment options, there is significant flexibility: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Bitcoins!

Tiger VPN and Support

Starting here, you can find yourself to a plethora of support options at Tiger VPN. Priority support is provided to the customers of Tiger VPN, once they sign in to their dashboard. The email service is available Mo-So 0-24 (meaning that they are always there for you), whereas their live chat service is live Mo-Fr 8-18 (local time, GMT+2 time zone). This can be a bit irritating to those residing overseas.

Replies are handled within the very same day, though. This is quite encouraging. On their website, you can also turn to their FAQ section for answers to the most common questions about software, OS and devices. Last but definitely not least, Tiger VPN has got presence in social media (Facebook and Twitter), where you can be kept up to date with everything that is happening.

Tiger VPN and Speed & Performance

The speed has been more than satisfactory while using Tiger VPN on multiple OS and devices. P2P file sharing was a bit slower than other activities, but this can be justified. Although there are guides for all the OS, Linux can be a problem and this is the only real issue that we have encountered. Other than that, the speed and consistency of the VPN connection lived up to the expectations (even with a medium-sized network).

Bottom Line

Now that we have completed our Tiger VPN review, we can conclude as to its overall value and quality. First of all, we have to admit that this company takes online security to heart. There are no logs kept, all the advanced security protocols and encryption types are supported and there is no third party involved. Bitcoins is accepted as payment method, adding to the anonymity aspect of using VPN.

Then, there is full compatibility (with the exception of a friendly environment for Linux users) and there is decent support offered, both to current customers and others. P2P file sharing is allowed, which is a relief for many VPN users worldwide. On the downside, now, the price you have to pay is quite expensive (even for the whole year plan) and there is no actual free trial or substantial full money refund guarantee (the former is not there and the latter only lasts for three days). If you want to add more simultaneous devices or extra add-ons, the price goes even higher!
In a nutshell:


  • Great speed
  • No logs, advanced security and Bitcoins
  • Decent support
  • Very easy to use


  • Expensive VPN
  • No free trial and minimal refund guarantee
  • Problems with Linux support
  • Extra cost for simultaneous devices
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One User-Review for Tigervpn.com
  1. Josh, 4. August 2021


    I had a lifetime subscription and out of the blue without warning, they closed my account. The automated notice stated “inactive subscription”.

    I have tried to contact someone at the company… anyone.. for 45 weeks and counting. I’ve contacted TigerVPN through my account portal where I can still log in, Facebook, and directly through email.
    The Portal support gives me an automated response:

    You’ll get replies here and in your email:
    ✉️ xxxx@xxxxxxx.com
    The team will be back
    🕒 Tomorrow

    None of my dozen-plus support tickets have received an email reply yet (I just sent them another one a few minutes ago for good measure).

    I tried messaging TigerVPN through their tigerVPN Facebook page (the last post they have there is from 2018). I got the following automated Facebook response.

    Hi Josh
    If you seek support, visit https://www.tigervpn.com/dashboard & click the chat bubble. This messenger is not monitored.

    I had a few different email addresses for TigerVPN from previous correspondence and tried directly emailing those emails but never received a response; help@tigervpn.com, sebastian@tigervpn-a2725fb67aad.intercom-mail.com, theodora@tigervpn-a2725fb67aad.intercom-mail.com

    So while there are reviews for the service on the web like this one TigerVPN is either out of business, they stole my money, or they offer zero support now if you have an issue and there is no way (that I know of to reach them and therefore stole my money since my lifetime account was closed without my consent.

    If they are in business still then buyer beware.

    I intend to keep posting this review until they get back to me and explain why they closed my lifetime account that I was still using or their website goes offline.


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