SpyOff.com Review – Scam or not?

Last updated: July 4, 2019
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Virtual Private Network (VPN) is now the go-to service for many individuals and business organizations to attain online privacy, security and anonymity. The market for VPN services has increased significantly over the past few years, mainly due to the growing concerns on cybercrime and surveillance. As a result, a lot of new VPN service providers have emerged, claiming to offer the best of services. This has made it difficult for users to examine and determine which VPN service is reliable and offers the features and services they need.

SpyOff is a relatively new offering in the VPN market. The service promises to provide a lot of basic as well as advanced VPN features, in a way that it benefits users of all kinds. This review will look at the service in detail, helping you make a decision pertinent to choosing the services offered by this provider.

The Website

Let’s start with the service’s website. In general, the website is well laid out and easy to navigate around. The main page has tabs for some important aspects you would first look for, Features, Pricing, and Contact. However, when you first open the website, you will be taken straight to the German version, and you need to choose your language from a drop down menu on the top right corner of the main page.

A major downfall of the website is that the company’s blog is fully German and there is no option for translation (you can only use Google’s translate option). This makes it difficult for users to learn about latest news and information about the technology and the service in general.

Features Offered

Like any other VPN service provider, SpyOff also offers some of the basic features such as anonymous browsing, online privacy protection, IP hiding and replacement, etc. The service can be accessed on any device, from a laptop and tablet to a desktop and smartphone, using a single account. Also, with a single account, the service allows users to browse with maximum speeds without any limitations.

SpyOff has servers located in 21 different countries, making it easy for users to connect to a server they want and access all the content they desire. This makes it easy for you to access your favorite media or entertainment services even when you are away from your country on a business trip or holiday.

SpyOff: Advantages

There are certain features that distinguish SpyOff VPN from many other VPN service providers available on the market today:

    • With over 300 servers located in 21 different countries, the service provides you with access to more than 14,000 IP addresses. The good thing about this offering is that no matter for which package you subscribe, including the trial period, you get full access to all its servers.
    • SpyOff allows simultaneous logins from multiple devices. This, in addition to the ability to access any service you need, makes this an attractive VPN service.
    • The service also allows unlimited data transfers, including unlimited file downloads and media streaming, at all times, even during the 15 day trial period.
    • The VPN service also allows for unlimited server changes without any limitations. This applies to the free trial period as well.

SpyOff Review: Protocols and Security

When it comes to protocols, you will be able to find this image on the VPN service provider’s website. While this could be confusing for many users who are not familiar with VPN and protocols, there is information about each of these types further down the page. The service offers all different types of VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN, and most of these protocols are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and iOS. SpyOff suggests Ultra Secure to be offering the highest level of security, if that happens to be your priority.

SpyOff: Pricing

Similar to most other VPN service providers, SpyOff also offers three different service packages: Starter, Premium, and Premium Plus, priced at €9.99 ($11.10), €6.99 ($7.77), and €10.99 ($12.21) respectively. As mentioned earlier, you get access to all 300 servers operated by the company, unlimited data transfer and unlimited server change with all of these packages. The difference between the three lies in the savings you get to make.

The pricing certainly is a bit more expensive than many other VPN service providers, but the service offered is definitely on par. However, when it comes to payment, the service only accepts payments through major credit cards and doesn’t offer provisions to pay via other platforms like PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.

SpyOff: Help and Support

When it comes to help and support, there isn’t a lot offered by SpyOff. You can find an FAQ section and a general Support section on the website. There is no other support offered by the service. As a matter of fact, the FAQ section by itself is not comprehensive. It has answers only to some general questions and the answers are not detailed either.

When there are many other VPN service providers offering a lot in terms of customer support, from 24/7 chat and email support to forums and knowledge base, the fact that SpyOff doesn’t offer any such support is highly off-putting. We do expect a lot of improvements from the company on this front.

SpyOff Pros and Cons


  • 300+ servers in 21 different countries.
  • High speed connection.
  • No data transfer limitations for all subscriptions.
  • Access to all servers and unlimited server changes for all subscriptions.
  • Good performance.


  • A bit expensive than other service providers on the market.
  • Needs more help and support features


SpyOff Review Conclusion

The fact that the service offers equal access to subscribers of all packages, including free trial, is what makes SpyOff a hit among users. The service has laid a good solid foundation for becoming one of the leading and reliable VPN service providers.

With a few tweaks to the functionalities and better help and support features, SpyOff could become a go-to VPN service in near future.

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2 User-Reviews for Spyoff.com
  1. Pernilla, 20. November 2017

    The service doesn´t work. There is constantly problems signing in and not possible to use the service most of the time. Leaving a support ticket is not possible either since the site hangs.
    Also, the service doesn’t work with Netflix, why was the reason I bought it. I realized the same day the test period went out and they started charging – but they still charged even though I told them I did not want the service the first day of the yearly subscription. That is a company not caring AT ALL for their clients. I would give zero stars if it was possible.

  2. Celestia, 11. January 2018

    I don’t really understand the other user’s negative reviews. I have been using SpyOFF for several months now, and have hd no problems whatsoever with it. When something came up regarding my payment method, the customer service took care of it quickly and they were well!

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