SaferVPN Review – Scam or not?

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SaferVPN is a VPN service provider based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company was founded by Sagi Gidali and Amit Bareket in 2013. They initially began as a start-up company that offers a safe re-routed internet access service. After a few years, the company received an investment of $500,000 from private individuals and since then, the company maintained a steady growth of revenue from their increasing user base.

SaferVPN’s vision is to provide real freedom of expression and information around the world via the internet. They wanted to use their services to unblock internet restrictions and limitations worldwide. Today, they have over 700 VPN servers in 35 countries that provide users with access to free flowing information online.

How SaferVPN works

SaferVPN service creates an encrypted VPN tunnel for your connected devices to their VPN servers. This tunnel connection prevents third party entities, such as government agencies, ISP’s and other groups and individuals from blocking access to internet content like websites, social media networks and online applications. This encryption system also protects your traffic data from hackers, phishers and other online criminal groups that attempts to steal your data.

Furthermore, SaferVPN service masks your IP address with one of their shared dynamic IP address, in order to protect your identity and anonymity online. Hiding your real IP address with one of their own will prevent these cyber criminals from finding out your identity, because the IP address that will become visible online will be SaferVPN’s IP address, making it impossible for them to trace it back to you.

Features of SaferVPN

Unlimited bandwidth

  • SaferVPN provides users with unlimited bandwidth access, so that they can enjoy their VPN service as much as they want.

Unlimited Speed

  • SaferVPN does not limit the speed of the customer’s VPN connection.

Unlimited location switching

  • SaferVPN allows customers to change server locations whenever they want to and as many times as they need to.

Multiple Protocols

  • SaferVPN provides customers with access to OpenVPN (256 bit encryption), L2TP over IPSec (256 bit encryption) and PPTP (128 bit encryption) protocols.

Device Compatibility

  • SaferVPN support devices that run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OSX, Android and Linux Ubuntu.
  • It also supports devices like iPad, VPN iPhone, Windows Phone 8.1, Chromebook, DD-WRT routers and Tomato routers.

No logging?

  • SaferVPN does not keep records or log any user’s internet activity and history.

P2P / Torrent

  • Based on their website (terms of use), under Acceptable Use (section c) they prohibit the use of torrent in their VPN connection.

Allows Subscription payments via Bitcoin

  • SaferVPN includes Bitcoin as an acceptable payment method used for their subscription payments.
  • Bitcoin is one of the world’s safest payment method for paying goods and services on the internet. It keeps your payment private and anonymous.

The Client Interface

24 hours free VPN trial

  • SaferVPN provides users with a free 24 hours VPN trial, so that you can get an idea of the kind of VPN features and services they offer to customers.
  • The trial provides access to all their servers and protocols and the trial VPN speed and features are based on their premium VPN plan.

30 days money back guarantee

  • SaferVPN offers new customers with a 30 days money back guarantee on their subscription payments.
  • Any customers who are unsatisfied with the VPN service can claim a refund within 30 days upon activation of their account.

Customer Support

  • SaferVPN customer support can be reached through ticket system, live chat and email.
  • Answers to common questions and technical inquiries can also be found in their FAQs section of their website.

Benefits of SaferVPN

SaferVPN protects your identity and data

SaferVPN provides customers with privacy and anonymity by masking their real IP address with one of their IP’s. The websites and online applications that you visit will not be able to see your real IP, but only the IP of SaferVPN, preserving your privacy and anonymity anytime you surf the internet.

SaferVPN Conceals your location

SaferVPN hides your IP with our worldwide VPN server network. Thus, it gives the appearance that you are located in the same country as the VPN server that you are connected to, keeping your location hidden from malicious entities and individuals.

SaferVPN gives you access to geo-restricted sites

With SaferVPN service, you can connect to different VPN servers worldwide. This system grants you access to geo-restricted sites, such as Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and others, as if you are accessing it in the location you are connected to, wherever you are in the world.

Our SaferVPN Speed test Results

  • Upload Speed: 2.65 Mbps
  • Download Speed: 25.4Mbps
  • Ping time: 48 ms

SaferVPN Plans and Pricing Overview

Basic Plan

  • $8.99 per month
  • Or $71.88 for 12 months – $5.99 per month
  • Or $83.76 for 24 months – $3.49 per month
  • Unlimited Speed, bandwidth and server connects
  • Fast dedicated servers
  • Access to 700+ VPN servers in 35 locations
  • Multiple protocols
  • 5 devices connected at a time

Business Plan

  • $10 per team member per month
  • Unlimited Speed, bandwidth and server connects
  • Fast dedicated servers
  • Access to 700+ VPN servers in 35 locations
  • Multiple protocols
  • Up to 7 devices connected at a time

Free 24 hours VPN trial

  • Unlimited Speed, bandwidth and server connects
  • Fast dedicated servers
  • Access to 700+ VPN servers in 35 locations
  • Multiple protocols

SaferVPN Mode of Payments

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • MoneyBookers
  • AliPay
  • WebMoney
  • Online Transfers

SaferVPN: Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • Unlimited server connects
  • Device compatibility
  • Multiple protocols
  • Bitcoin payment
  • Free 24 hours trial
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 24 / 7 customer support
  • Access to 700+ VPN servers in 24 locations


  • Does not allow P2P / Torrent
  • They even block websites like or – a totally crazy behaviour for a VPN service to install web filters, WTF??
  • Keeps “limited connection logs”

Review Conclusion

Overall, SaferVPN provides a multi featured VPN service that is packed with premium service at a reasonable price. However, one major drawback is that it does not allow P2P / Torrent access to all of its servers. The other much bigger drawback is that they have web filters installed and you cannot surf to or even ping totally legal news sites like

We can recommend this service for non-torrent users who are looking for a secured and safe VPN provider with world class features. Still, having webfilters as a VPN service is just a joke.


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