Lime VPN Review – Scam or not?

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Lime VPN is a company, which aims at providing super-fast VPN services to all customers. From the site, you cannot come up with many pieces of information as to their origin or the years they have been active. However, you get impressed by the modernity of the website and the extra low price rates for the basic VPN plan. In order to get a more complete view of the quality and reliability of this provider, below we have written an in-depth Lime VPN review. Read through all the different parts and share our conclusion!

Lime VPN Features

As far as the features of Lime VPN are concerned, there are many things to consider. First of all, most of the security protocols are supported, such as PTP and OpenVPN, SSL and L2TP, IPsec, SSTP and Softether. They claim to have the fastest VPN network, even though the 19 locations might sound a bit limited. Still, you can connect to one of their 6000+ dynamic IPs and get dedicated speed, which is great. No logs are kept, according to their statement. As for the concurrent users, depending on the plan that you have selected, these vary from 2 to 20+ users in total. There are easy to use apps for Windows, Windows Phone and Mac OS, as well as detailed instructions for all OS. Static Private IP, Dedicated Private VPN Node and much more is offered at the Pro plan.

Lime VPN and Online Security

256-bit encryption is what Lime VPN offers and this is super, as it reveals advanced encryption and better overall security. The multiple protocols that we have referred to above at the Features section are all supported, facilitating the work of all users. No logs are kept, even though they have got a detailed logging policy that you are encouraged to read through. They also have a DMCA / Copyright Policy, which highlights some important details. No direct reference is made regarding P2P file sharing and this means that the environment of Lime VPN is not the perfect environment for such activities.

Lime VPN Pricing & Plans

You can either choose the Basic or the Pro Plan. The former is more affordable, but lacks some sophisticated features. Lime VPN Basic is offered at $2.49 per month, which is one of the cheapest VPNs that we have ever found. However, Lime VPN Pro is offered at $14.99 per month. These prices apply, if you select the monthly billing. Billed yearly, the prices go even lower at $1.49 and $11.49. Even in this case, the Pro Plan is a bit pricey. The Basic is just fine! There is no free trial, but there is a 7 day full money refund guarantee available for you to benefit from. Bitcoins and PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, Maestro and American Express, Diners Club and Skrill are just few of the options that you can select as payment methods. This is quite a plethora of choices, to say the least – particularly the Bitcoin that adds to the overall security online.

Lime VPN and Customer Support

We go ahead with our Lime VPN review and now it is time for the customer support department. First of all, we have to comment on the live chat that is offered to the VPN clients. It is prompt and it works really smoothly. 24x7x365 support is among the major advantages of Lime VPN. Besides the live chat, you can submit a ticket and expect the response within hours. FAQ and Troubleshooting are additional options of support, which you can navigate through and learn more about how to deal with VPN issues. Of course, the how-to-setup guides in the form of tutorials are available and easily accessible, so that they can help you out step by step and show you the way to best use the VPN. As a whole, support is really good and assists you in a kind, friendly manner.

Lime VPN and Speed & Performance

Well, we have tested Lime VPN in various devices. Having benefited from the apps for Windows and Mac OS X, we have tested the speed and consistency of the VPN servers. Some of them were really impressive, when it comes to their speed. Others were fine, without great issues of deteriorated quality. There is room for improvement, since the VPN network of Lime VPN is still expanding, with limited servers. Although they emphasize on the limitless IPs you can get, the servers ought to multiply for targeting a wider place in the world.

Bottom Line

Since we have completed our Lime VPN review, it is the time to reach our final verdict. Summing, nobody can deny that Lime VPN is a reliable service provider worldwide. They offer one of the cheapest solutions for monthly VPN subscriptions (although the Basic Plan is quite limited). The payment methods on offer are more than enough to satisfy the needs of every customer. Encryption is great and all the security protocols are fully supported. They claim that they keep no logs and this makes the whole procedure more transparent. On the other hand, though, the Pro Plan is quite expensive (however great the features might be) and there is no free trial. The full money refund guarantee only extends for a week. No P2P is referred to anywhere on the site, which can be rather irritating for some. Finally, the VPN network of Lime VPN could benefit from the addition of more locations and servers.

In a few lines, the pros and cons of Lime VPN are the following:


  • Encryption using 256-bit
  • Bitcoins allowed and many more payment methods
  • No logs are kept
  • Really affordable monthly subscription for Basic Plan


  • No free trial and full money refund guarantee only for a week
  • A bit pricey for the Pro Plan
  • Limited locations and servers in their network
  • No P2P reference
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  1. james, 7. March 2017

    A very good VPN provider that I have come across lately. They have fast servers and reliable customer support.

  2. Adnan, 21. May 2018

    It is difficult to find a VPN operator which is cheap and good at the same time. But with limevpn there is no such issue. They are quick to resolve any issue and works very smoothly

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