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Buffered VPN is a Hungarian VPN that is currently based in Gibraltar. Having worked from the fall of 2013, their services have been made public in summer of 2014. There is no limit as to your bandwidth and this is definitely a plus. They have successfully circumvented the Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu crackdowns on VPNs, which is impressive on its own. With a constantly growing network of VPN servers (currently in 46 countries, but adding more locations at frequent intervals) and with some impressive features, Buffered VPN aims at providing an integrated VPN solution worldwide. Let’s have a closer look at what they are all about, in our Buffered VPN review.

Buffered VPN Features

buffered vpnStarting off with our review on Buffered, 46 locations for VPN servers do not offer great flexibility and plethora of options. However, it is really good that they continue on adding servers everywhere in the world. The servers are now located in countries, such as United States and United Kingdom, Australia and Austria, Netherlands and Spain, Russia and Mexico, India and Sweden. You can also inform them regarding the location of the VPN server you wish them to add.

They are open to suggestions. Unlimited bandwidth and speed add to your user experience. Another great thing is that you can have up to five different devices connected to the same VPN account simultaneously. P2P file sharing is allowed, since there is no actual control over what somebody does on the Internet. No logs are kept whatsoever, so there is no problem (although they do state that you should not break any laws etc.).

Unlimited server switches and unlimited reconnects can also benefit you on the long run. There is also a Port discovery tool, which allows you to overcome the firewalls as they appear. The software is easy to setup and use, while OpenVPN is supported as the most secured VPN security protocol in the market today. Windows, Mac and Linux have native apps, while there is also support for Android and iOS devices. So, full compatibility is another benefit. Overall, there are some impressive features in Buffered and we are looking forward to the addition of extra servers universally. They also have an own Kill Switch implemented.

Buffered VPN & Online Security

In the field of encryption, Buffered VPN is pretty straightforward. They offer OpenVPN security protocol, as this is the most advanced security protocol nowadays in the global market. 256-bit encryption is included. No logs are kept and this is certainly a good thing, since VPNs are primarily used to promote anonymity and security online. Although we would have liked more flexibility in the security protocols supported, it is our understanding that OpenVPN is indeed the best choice for everyone. They use Digicert’s Extended Validation certificate for security and all the credit card payments are completed via Braintree – as you will see later on.

Buffered VPN Pricing & Plans

There is a single plan with different time durations that you can choose from, if you wish to subscribe to Buffered VPN. The monthly subscription costs $12.99 and is not the cheapest one we have ever seen. However, the semi-annual plan costs $9.99 and the yearly plan is offered at $8.25 per month. This is great, since you can save a lot of money this way. Even though now there are no extra discounts or coupons available, you should check out their website for frequent offers throughout the year.

buffered pricing

There is no actual free trial available, but the customers can benefit from a 30 day full money refund guarantee. So, this is the same as having a free trial. Payment methods accepted include all credit cards and PayPal (and more options are expected soon). Especially for credit cards, all the payments are processed by Braintree, which is a Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. This adds to the security of the service.

Buffered VPN & Customer Support

Let’s now have a look at the customer support of Buffered VPN. Fortunately, there is a 24/7 livechat available for you to turn to. This might put some people off. However, the feedback you get out of the email service provided is instant and comprehensive. From the respective section, you are encouraged to click on contact and write down the details concerning your inquiry. You will be given an answer shortly.

buffered features

Apart from that, there is a rich knowledgebase for you to check out. A search bar facilitates your research, while there is a FAQ and a selection of tutorials, most popular articles and general articles. What is more, there is active presence on Facebook and Twitter. So, you can use them for instant feedback, as well.

The Website

You get a modern layout with great pieces of information, as soon as you have visited the website of Buffered VPN. They use Digicert’s Extended Validation certificate and Braintree, which add to the security of the site. Scrolling down, you can have a look at the major advantages of Buffered VPN, as well as click on the specific button for signing up to the VPN. Great colors on the site, cool graphics, everything is OK.

buffered vpn features

Signing Up

There is no free plan available and so you need to sign up for the subscription of your choosing (monthly, semi-annual or annual) right away. As soon as you have clicked on the button, you choose the plan and you enter your email, username and password. You also pick a payment method. This completes your sign up process!

Using Buffered VPN on Windows

clientAt Buffered VPN, there are options available for the three major PC platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux. There is also support on Android (not the earliest versions, Android 2x) and iOS. From your dashboard, you can choose to download the software that matches your OS. At the menu, you do not get a lot of options. You choose the VPN server you wish to connect to and of course you select whether you wish UDP or TCP. OpenVPN by default is a great choice.

Buffered VPN and Speed & Performance

Although we used a free account on Windows, the speed has been great. Especially when we connected to the UDP on Windows, the speed was 11.14 Mbps for download and 0.67 Mbps for upload. TCP was 2.07 Mbps and 0.66 Mbps respectively. Both the servers came from the US East Coast, since we could not choose any other option at the free plan. Instead, we were prompted to upgrade.

Other Platforms

There is support for all devices, as we have stated above. They all support OpenVPN by default. Easy to install client for Mac and Linux (besides Windows) and support for iOS and Android devices are provided. You can rest assured that you will connect to each device you want easily and without any delay or fuss.

Easy Usage of the Buffered App on Mobile Devices:

Bottom Line

We have completed our Buffered VPN review and it is time to conclude as to the overall value of the services provided. First of all, this is a reliable VPN service providers based in Gibraltar (overcoming any limitations applied to certain countries, such as the US). There is a constantly growing network of VPN servers, which is now limited to 46 countries, but with ongoing additions. You can get 5 simultaneous connections per account, which is a wonderful feature. They offer unlimited bandwidth, server switching and reconnects, with unlimited speed too.

They have managed to circumvent the Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu crackdowns on VPNs and this is definitely something to consider. Being the fastest-growing VPN provider on the market, they can hope for an even better future. The speed that we encountered was pretty fast, reaching up to 11.07 Mbps for downloading. This is really great, particularly since we reached that on a free plan. No logs are kept and there is room for P2P file sharing. On the downside, the cost could be lower, especially for the monthly plan. Then, you do not have the option of using a different security protocol, other than OpenVPN. Finally, the servers are quite limited, but there is ongoing expansion of their network.

  • Advanced encryption with OpenVPN
  • P2P file sharing allowed
  • 30 day full money refund guarantee
  • Full compatibility
  • Five simultaneous connections allowed
  • 24/7 livechat


  • Limited payment methods (additions are expected soon)
  • Only VPN servers in 46 countries so far
  • No flexibility in security protocols supported
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