How To Hide Your TOR Usage From Your ISP

Last updated: December 13, 2016

2000px-Tor-logo-2011-flat.svgIt’s high time to anonymize everything we do online as there is now a considerable amount of security threats awaiting users that aren’t taking precautionary measures to protect their privacy. The internet is now infested by people who are up to no good and they will do anything to cause unfortunate events. What’s worse is that even our ISPs are partaking in some kind of monitoring practices. Not only can ISPs detect what we are doing online, but they can also throttle our connection speeds if they wanted to. Most ISPs are throttling speeds because of activities that involve large bandwidth usages and TOR purposes.

A growing number of users worldwide are now resorting to using the TOR browser in order to stray away from the surveillance practices being done by the government. We all know that the government is watching everything we do and one of the areas they usually monitor is our digital communications. If our communication lines aren’t secured enough, Big Brother can access them simultaneously.

The problem with using Tor is that your ISP can track and log your activities. And if they do find out that you are using Tor, they can immediately throttle your speed or worse disconnect you from the internet altogether. We don’t know for sure if our ISPs are selling us out to the government and informing them of our internet activities. If a person is using Tor, then he’d definitely be on top of the surveillance watch list.

It’s alarming that our ISPs can detect our Tor usage and our internet habits in general. If the people or service providers that are in charge of our internet connections are the ones limiting our connection speeds and bandwidth, is there even a way to hide our activities to them? There is actually a way to hide your activities from your ISP and from basically everyone whose watching you. All you need is a reliable VPN service.

How to Hide your Tor Usage from your ISP?

First and foremost, Tor is used by a wide array of users doing all kinds of stuff on the deep dhtw2ark web. The reason behind why Tor usages are being blocked by internet providers is because in most cases they are being used in some kind of illegal activity over the web. Such criminal acts include money laundering, assassination plans and hacking communications.

But of course, Tor is not just used for criminal activities. There are also wholesome users that use the Tor network to basically hide from the any spying party. Tor allows users to hide under the government’s microscope. If you know that you are not doing anything illegal under the Tor network, here’s a workaround on how to keep your Tor usage completely hidden.

VPN is your friend

In order to hide Tor from your ISP, you will need to make use a VPN service. A VPN will mask your IP address with a fake one so that your ISP won’t be able to track your activities no matter what they do. Even the most skilled hackers would take forever to track you down.

Get a reliable VPN service that you will use to stay anonymous online. There are lots of VPN service providers out there but not all provide quality services. You will want to subscribe to a world-class VPN provider that offers top-notch VPN connections. You need a fast VPN service to hide your Tor activities.

Once you have a VPN service, you are now ready to hide from everyone most especially to your ISP. Make sure to run the VPN first for this setup to work. Once the VPN is turned on, you can now start Tor and you should already be completely anonymous while you are online.

Best VPN for Hiding Tor Activities

In choosing a VPN to use to hide your Tor usage, there are some factors that you need to consider so that you can maximize the anonymity of your connections. One of the things that you must put into considerations is the logging policy of the VPN service provider. It is important that you only use a VPN service that has a zero-logging policy. Ideally, you need a VPN that will take your anonymity seriously.

Another factor to consider when shopping for a VPN service is the provider’s operational jurisdiction(s). Consider a VPN provider that is based or is operating in a country with strong data protection laws. Note that there’s a law in Europe requiring VPN companies to collect certain information about the customer (i.e. location, IP address). So, for the time being it would be wise to find a VPN provider that is not currently based in the EU.

Check the VPN’s security features as well. See to it that is has adequate security and privacy features to combat spying practices. You should also determine which platforms the VPN support. It should be able to support various protocols and VPN-capable devices to keep your connections anonymous whenever and wherever you are.

The best 3 VPN Provider to hide your TOR activity

Some of the best VPNs out there include ExpressVPN, IPVanish and Perfect Privacy. Any of these three VPN service providers will help you hide your Tor usage from your ISP and from anyone on the internet. If you want to stay completely anonymous online, use a reliable VPN that can truly provide maximum security and privacy.

Benefits of Using VPN to Hide from your ISP

Aside from complete anonymity which is the ultimate VPN feature, VPN services can also unblock the internet altogether, allowing users from any part of the world to bypass geographically restricted content. If you live in a country where there is rampant censorship, you can also bypass blocked sites using a reliable VPN service.

VPN also uses an encryption system that provides a high-level of security on the network. Once the users are connected to the encrypted servers, they will basically have the tough and unbreakable firewall that even hackers, spies and ISPs could breach through.

If you are using Tor to stay anonymous online, we suggest that you also make use of a VPN service. In that way, you get to stay completely anonymous, secured and protected from all kinds of cyber crimes and spying practices. With a VPN, you can maintain your privacy and anonymity while using the Tor Browser.

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