How to get Steam Games earlier using VPN?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

Steam is a digital game store created by Valve Corporation, which also functions as a social networking platform. It enjoys great popularity and allows its 100 million active users to download and play more than 3,500 different games on either the Windows, Linux or OSX operating systems.

It is estimated that more than 70 percent of PC games bought online are downloaded through the Steam service. Yet, despite its popularity, many of its users experience frustration resulting from regional release dates. For example, a European customer may have to wait to play a game which has already been released in the US.

By making use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, however, it is possible for Steam users to make it appear as if their internet connection is originating from another part of the world. In doing so, they can unlock the game at the same time as customers actually living in that region, allowing for early offline play.

How VPNs Work

Virtual Private Networks work by encrypting a user’s internet traffic, feeding it to a proxy server elsewhere and allocating them with a new IP address. VPNs offer a number of benefits, including increased security and protection from malicious threats, online anonymity and the ability to bypass geographical restrictions.

Essentially, a user’s internet connection is made to appear as if it is originating from the server they are connected to, rather than their true location. This can be used to trick websites and other online services into believing that the user is based somewhere else.

With regard to Steam, VPNs can be used to make a user appear as if they are in a region where a game has already been released. As an example, if a game is released in the US, but has not yet been released in Europe, a user can connect to a US VPN server and appear as if they are in the US too, gaining access to the game.

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Step-By-Step Guide

After paying for the game you wish to download, subscribing to a suitable VPN service and installing its client software, simply follow the instructions below in order to gain early access to the game:

1. Pre-load the game within Steam. You can do this regardless of which region you are in.

2. Exit Steam.

3. Load up the VPN client software and log in.

4. Connect to a server in the location you require. So, for instance, if the game has already been released in North America and you are in Europe, connect to a server in North America.

5. While still connected to that server, load Steam again and it should start to unpack the game you pre-loaded.

6. After it has finished unpacking, load the game to make sure that it works. If it does, close the game again.

7. In ‘Steam Settings’ select ‘Go Offline’.

8. Close Steam, disconnect from your VPN service, then reload steam and enjoy your new game. Once the game eventually gets its official release in your region, you can start to playing the game online as well.

Terms of Service

It is worth noting that there is an element of risk to utilising a VPN service with Steam, as the Steam Subscriber Agreement asks users to agree not to use IP proxy services, “whether to circumvent geographical restrictions on game content, to purchase at pricing not applicable to your geography, or for any other purpose.”

Essentially, this means that by using a Virtual Private Network to access games early, users are breaking their agreement and their account can be terminated as a consequence. Nonetheless, VPN use with Steam is widespread and the vast majority of users do not experience any issues whatsoever if they are only using it to gain early access.

That said, it is important to pay for games in the region you really reside in. This is because Valve Corporation have been known to take action against customers using VPNs to purchase a game for a cheaper price than it would be from their own region’s store.

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