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Last updated: May 30, 2017

GlassWire is firewall software that has been targeting threats that your antivirus cannot detect. With a plethora of impressive special features and with the ambition of keeping online navigation perfectly secured, GlassWire can make the most out of protecting your precious Internet connection. Although the software is still in beta, there is a lot to offer and therefore a thorough GlassWire review is what everyone is anticipating. Let’s get started, analyzing everything about this new, reliable software – counting over 1 million users!

Free GlassWire Features

GlassWire is “a free network monitor & security tool with a built in firewall”, quoting their site. They aim at providing an integrated solution in the field of online security. With the truly wonderful and exceptionally practical visual network monitoring, you can check out your stats at a glance. There is nothing more convenient than this, especially when so many other companies offer boring and tedious options for checking out the very same stats. In this way, you can see what is going on in your network activity and what has been causing the trouble with your Internet.

Online security is backed up by the system file change detection, device list change detection, app info change detection and ARP spoofing monitoring. These are just few of the additions that enhance the overall online security aspect of using this software. Instead of having constant pop-ups, you can expect to get notified for the changes on your computer with the discreet alerts. Network Time Machine allows you to return to past periods of time and analyze them. The Bandwidth Usage Monitor is another cool feature that you can turn to, in order to keep track of the data transmitted, both outgoing and incoming.

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You can also take advantage of Remote Server Monitoring, so as to fully control all the servers you wish to. In addition, all the apps that communicate with your computer alert you at once and then you have the chance to block them at will. The Ask to Connect button ensures that you always accept the network connections, while the Lock down mode prevents any connection from occurring while you are away. The Webcam and Mic detection safeguards your privacy and all prying eyes are left where they are supposed to be. Any unauthorized activity of your microphone or your camera will be highlighted to you.

Upon scanning, you can see who has been using your Wi-Fi connection; so, you are always in control of who you are sharing your stuff with! This is all pretty impressive for free software, don’t you think? Let’s now have a look at what you get, when you upgrade to one of the premium plans!

Added Premium GlassWire Features

On top of all that, with the upgrading process that you can engage in to one of the premium plans, there are added bonuses. There are three premium options for you to consider: the Basic, the Pro and the Elite plans are all efficient and qualitative, providing extras to their subscribers.

With the Basic plan (costing $49 for life), you get 6 month history and up to 3 remote connections, as well as new skins for making the software even more appealing on 1 PC. The Pro plan costs $99 and allows 3 PCs, 1 year history and 10 remote connections. The Elite plan is available at $199 and enables 10 PCs, unlimited history and unlimited remote connections. So, with one of these premium plans you get everything that the free plan is offering and more, in terms of flexibility and convenience.

GlassWire Help and Support

The help and support of GlassWire is quite polymorphic, meaning that you can expect to get what you need in a variety of ways. There is always the Help Page of GlassWire, which includes a forum and a FAQ section, the quick start guide and user guide, the alert dictionary and the guidelines upon discovering that you have got malware on your device.

Contact also grants you with access to the GlassWire blog, social media redirections and several emails (by category of issues in need of resolution). There are also detailed instructions as to how you can uninstall GlassWire, which pinpoints just how straightforward the company is. No live chat is offered, but this is not a rare phenomenon for such companies.

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Speed and Performance

Although there is an issue with the amount of memory being used by GlassWire, no loss of speed is experienced. This means that you can expect to get great speed at all times, regardless of the device or OS you are using at a time. This is specifically important to keep in mind, since there are a lot of apps that are detected and therefore any potential loss of speed is detected and taken care of at once. The software that deals with such issues could not be a factor of speed loss, as you can understand. Fortunately, this is not the case!

Bottom Line

GlassWire offers complete protection from what’s left undetected by antivirus software online. Even when your antivirus does not detect a threat, GlassWire is software that can live up to the expectations and provide an added firewall. There are great features such as Visual Network Monitoring, Discreet Alerts and Remote Server Monitoring, Webcam and Mic detection and Lock down mode that add to your online protection.

Although there is the free version that covers most of your demands for security, the premium plans (which are only available at a one-time fee, varying in the price depending on the extras) offer even more. The support and help aspects of GlassWire are more than satisfactory, though without live chat presence. As a whole, no speed loss is experienced and there is great performance at all times.

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  1. armando garcía lagos barba, 18. October 2017

    I am starting to use this software and I am impressed because the people of the antivirus I use recommended it because their own firewall was no detecting communications between my compu and other big companies that were without my authorization looking into my compu. I was surprised when I see how this firewall works to show all types of communications in and out of my system. And this is only with the free version. As soon as I can I’ll do the upgrade. Thanks for making it free for people with very small budget.