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St. Kitts, also known as Saint Christopher, is an island in the Lesser Antilles which, together with Nevis, forms the island state of St. Kitts and Nevis and is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and of the United Nations. The island has an area of 169 square kilometres and 39,000 inhabitants, who are mainly descendants of African slaves and call themselves Kittians. The capital of St. Kitts is Basseterre.

Can you dive in St. Kitts? Where can I go diving particularly well?

Around the island there are numerous diving spots for beginners and advanced divers, like the Coral Garden, Devil’s Cave or Turtle Bar. The latter consists of volcanic boulders, where turtles, crabs and seahorses can be seen during a dive tour.

In the Narrows Strait between St. Kitts and Nevis, which has a depth of eight metres and is heavily coral-clad, is the uninhabited island of Booby Island. Around the island there are good diving possibilities. Many local providers offer daily excursions to these and other exciting diving regions.

What other leisure activities are offered?

In addition to diving and snorkeling underwater, you can also explore St. Kitts on dry land. There are three volcanic mountain ranges on St Kitts: Mount Misery in the northwest, Verchilds in the middle and Olivees in the southeast. The highest point is the resting volcano Mount Liamuiga, formerly Mount Misery, which reaches a height of more than one kilometre.

On the slopes of Mount Liamuiga Volcano there is a lush rainforest that is home to numerous plant and animal species such as the Flame Tree, the national plant of St. Kitts and Nevis, or a special ground-living monkey species. Today there are even more monkeys than humans on the islands. Extensive hiking tours invite you to discover them.

Those who have wrinkled their skin from diving and blistered their feet from hiking can get an idea of the old St. Kitts on a plantation tour. This is a drive to the ruins of different plantations in the interior of the country. Also offered are island tours from Basseterre via Bloody Point with stops in Old Road Village, Romney Manor and Brimstone Hill National Park.

Can I get married in St Kitts?

In St. Kitts you can get married like on any other Caribbean island, even if you are not a local. All you need is a valid passport, a birth certificate and an appropriate preparation time. You can find a lot of useful information about your dream wedding on our page honeymoons Caribbean and on

What should you definitely see in St. Kitts?

There are many historic places to discover on St Kitts, such as Brimstone Hill. This 229 metre high hill was developed in the 17th century into a fortified complex with three metre thick walls and 49 cannons, and was then known as the Gibraltar of the West Indies.

In 1834 the complex was severely damaged by a hurricane. Later, parts were restored and declared a national park by Queen Elizabeth. In the centre of the fortress is Fort George, which is now used as a museum. It has since been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also worth seeing is Fort Charles, a few metres from the entrance to Sandy Point Town.

A special highlight is the old narrow-gauge railway. The railway network completed in 1926 runs around the island and more or less parallel to the road. While the train service used to be carried out with more than ten locomotives, today island tours are carried out in modern, air-conditioned double-decker coaches. The round trip takes three ½ hours and costs the equivalent of 89 US dollars for adults. Children pay half. Also worth a visit is the capital and port city of Basseterre, with its Warner Park Stadium with 10,000 people, where the Cricket World Cup 2007 took place in March 2007.

What vaccinations do I need in St. Kitts? Other medicine?

Although no special vaccination regulations apply to St. Kitts, the Federal Foreign Office recommends standard vaccinations according to the current vaccination calendar of the Robert Koch Institute for Children and Adults. For adults, this includes vaccinations against tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis and MMR.

For long-term stays, vaccinations against hepatitis A and B and typhoid fever should also be provided. If you come from a yellow feverendemic region, a yellow fever vaccination is compulsory for all travellers from the age of one.

How good is the medical care in St. Kitts? Where are there hospitals?

In St. Kitts is the Ross University of Medicine, where mainly students from the USA and Canada are educated. Already 1,800 students have graduated from this university. There are public hospitals in Basseterre, Charlestown and Sandy Point. There are also numerous private medical practices.

Do I need a special foreign health insurance in St. Kitts?

Especially in rural areas, the health and emergency care services do not meet Western European standards. It therefore makes sense to take out health insurance for travel abroad. Medicines for personal use can be brought along from Germany.

How high is the crime rate in St. Kitts?

Violent crime in St. Kitts has declined significantly in recent years. However, caution is advised when walking in areas with little traffic, especially after dark (around 6 p.m.). Pay attention to your valuables in large crowds, for example at markets, bus stations and bars. Cash should only be carried to the extent absolutely necessary, important documents should be kept in the hotel safe.