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The island of the Bounty mutineers is looking for inhabitants!

At the end of the 18th century the Bounty mutineers settled on Pitcairn, today the island is fighting for its future. The reason: Nobody wants to live on the dreamlike island in the South Pacific anymore. People are wanted who want to live on the island of about 50 inhabitants. Even land is given to new settlers free of charge. The island of Pitcairn is one of the loneliest islands in the world. Now the government is looking for inhabitants

An island isolated from the rest of the world, with palm trees, wild animals and the sea on its doorstep: it sounds paradisiacal, like an emigrant’s dream, but Pitcairn, the mysterious island in the South Pacific that belongs to the British overseas territory, in reality desperately searches for inhabitants – and finds none.

Bloody competition fights, famines and catastrophes

The island has been notorious since the end of the 18th century. In 1790, the mutineers of the legendary Bounty arrived on the previously uninhabited spot and settled with their Polynesian wives. There followed bloody competition fights among each other, which sometimes ended fatally. Famines and natural disasters also posed great challenges for the inhabitants in the decades to come. Again and again they had to be brought to the mainland or were supplied with food by Tahiti and New Zealand.

The story of the mutiny on the Bounty served as material for several films. The best known is the 1962 film, in which Marlon Brando takes on the role of Fletcher Christian.

The descendants of the mutineers still live on Pitcairn today. According to the government, which is located about 5000 kilometres away in New Zealand, there are currently between 50 and 55 permanent residents, who vary depending on whether you add temporary employees, such as teachers, and their partners, or not.

Life on Pitcairn Island

So far, so good. But what should motivate people outside the island cosmos to move here? One advantage could be the exclusive, isolated location. A South Sea idyll that probably never has to fear crowds of tourists. Only a few hundred tourists per year get lost on the island. One can definitely not speak of mass tourism.

Also the weather could lure people willing to emigrate to the island: The temperatures in the summer are between 20 and 30 degrees. In winter (May to October) it does not get colder than 17 degrees. But then the unpaved roads can become muddy and slippery.

Cost of living is about 5600 Euro per year

What else does Pitcairn have to offer? A capital city, Adamstown, a hardware store, a post office and a household goods store where you can order food from New Zealand, even if only quarterly. But there’s a catch: all shops are open only three times a week, and the supply is rather sparse. Otherwise there is a small hospital, a library, a church and a school for the island children. The teachers work here for one year.

The very low cost of living is also to be emphasized, which according to own statements is 5600 Euro per year.

According to the government, all houses on the island have Internet and WLAN access. However, this is limited: Large downloads are therefore hardly possible. Two satellite telephones can be used in an emergency, otherwise communication looks rather poor; there is no mobile phone network of its own on the island. But one can register on New Zealand and then receive and send text messages.

Those who are fed up with sea, beach and palm trees can watch some TV stations, but currently only two of them can be received per household. A small consolation: The church has its own channel, which carries the name “Hope”. As we all know, hope dies last.

Living and working on Pitcairn

Houses are currently not for sale, but you can rent a piece of land for free and build your own house on this property. The cost of the latter is between 41,000 and 89,000 euros for houses between 125 and 160 square metres. Also land for the cultivation of agricultural products can be leased, of course without further costs.

If you are not sure whether you really want to stay forever, you can first stay with a host family.

The biggest problem, however, is finding work on the island. Because there is no such thing. There would be job offers from time to time, writes the government, but you can wait a long time for them. The government points out that you don’t have to work on Pitcairns – as long as you are financially secure. After all, the cost of living (self-sufficiency) should be relatively low.

This is what you have to do when you emigrate

If all this convinces you – or the other way around: don’t shy away – you can apply for life on Pitcairn Island. Although it is not necessary to have been on the island before, the government recommends a visit before deciding on the island: “Life in a tiny community on one of the most remote islands in the world should be well considered,” says the official website.

If you are interested, you can apply by e-mail ( If all necessary documents are present, the applicants must prove themselves in a kind interview. After approximately six weeks a decision is made, and it becomes a handling charge of approximately 300 euro due.