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Grenada is a Caribbean state that belongs to the Lesser Antilles. Located about 200 kilometers off the coast of Venezuela, the archipelago includes the main island as well as several smaller surrounding islands. Typical Caribbean dream beaches make the island a popular destination for bathers. The most popular beach of the island and one of the most beautiful beaches of the world is the approximately three kilometers long Grand Anse Beach in St. George’s in the southwest of the island. Finest sand, lots of space for everyone, wonderful turquoise blue water and the beautiful scenery of the surrounding hills inspire the beach holidaymakers. In the mostly unobtrusive hotels that blend into the landscape, there is a wide range of water sports on offer. Use your holiday on Grenada for diving or kayaking. Banana boat and water skiing are also available. In addition, the wind conditions are ideal for a fast sailing tour with a light Hobie Cat. The island’s western location also makes Grand Anse Beach the perfect place for romantic sunsets by the sea. Book a bargain for your holidays now and start your own trip to the Caribbean soon!

Discover the country on holiday in Grenada

The spice island of Grenada is characterised by a hilly landscape in which there is a lot of untouched rainforest with waterfalls, extinct volcanic cones and crater lakes, but also numerous nutmeg and other spice plantations are settled here. Visit Dougladston Estate’s old spice plantations and learn about nutmeg, laurel, cloves, cinnamon and cocoa growing. Also worth a visit is the rum factory “River Antoine”, one of the oldest in the world, where the strongest rum on the island is still produced in the traditional way. Nature lovers who want to learn more about the flora and fauna on holiday in Grenada can visit the Bay Gardens in St. Pauls or the Grand Etang National Park with the crater lake Grand Etang. Here you can inform yourself in the Welcome Center above the lake or discover palm species, tropical trees and giant tree ferns along marked hiking trails. For those who are interested in culture and are on holiday in Grenada, a visit to the capital St. George’s should be an absolute must. With its colourful houses, the natural harbour and the lively market, it is one of the most beautiful port cities of the Antilles. Book your hotel now and experience a fantastic holiday on Grenada!

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of spices and fruits and discover the paradisiacal Caribbean state of Grenada. The turquoise-blue sea, lonely bays, picture-book beaches, volcanoes and warm springs, all this and much more is offered by the southernmost island of the Lesser Antilles. With one of the most beautiful port cities of the Caribbean – St. George’s, many activities and a charming tranquillity, Grenada convinces the most different travellers again and again.

1. What is so special about Grenada?

There are two components that make Grenada unique in its own way: Nature and the islanders. Grenada is a relatively small Caribbean island that has been spared mass tourism and remained true to itself. There is much untouched nature to discover, exotic fruits and spices and a warmth of the locals, which one finds nowadays only rarely.

2. What should you have seen?

As an enthusiastic diver you should not leave Grenada without having seen one of the many sunken reefs or the first underwater sculpture park. From cocoa and fruit plantations to nutmeg processing plants and centuries-old, traditional rum distilleries – this tour stimulates all the senses.

3. What’s your insider tip?

An absolute highlight on Grenada is a sailing trip into the sunset. But not with any boat, but with a piece of Grenadian tradition. The handcrafted wooden boats have been manufactured since the 18th century and are still very special unique pieces today. Guests enjoy at the same time history, romance and simply a beautiful evening at sea.

4. What to avoid?

Sunburn and stressful thoughts about everyday life. On Grenada the rule is: Just relax.

5. When is the best time to travel?

Grenada can be visited all year round as the island guarantees temperatures of 24 – 30 degrees all year round. The main season on Grenada is during the dry season from November to May.

6. How long should I visit the region?

We recommend a stay of 14 days to enjoy the beach, nature and the typically relaxed Caribbean feeling. A special highlight is the 1-week cruise “Caribbean feeling up close” with a modern catamaran type Lagoon 620 from/to Grenada through the island world of the Tobago Cays.