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Last updated: July 1, 2022

Web scraping is a widely used technique formulated by computer software, so as to collect information from the internet. This happens automatically, and hence there is the need for powerful tools that enable the web scraping process (or else known as web harvesting and web data extraction).

Google scrapes the whole Internet, of course, nobody can argue with that. But this does not mean that it is an easy procedure to take place. Instead, several problems and challenges are arising. For instance, websites have got experts working against web scraping. In this way, they make sure they remain competitive in the global market.

Multiple IP´s for Web Scraping and Ad testing

For you to engage in web scraping, it is imperative that you change your IP at frequent intervals. This will help you to remain incognito and not reveal your data online for harvesting goals to the sites you access. As you can understand, web scraping is a serious matter, and there are even legal issues that make it harder.

Copyright infringement is the most notable of these issues. It is true that the content of each site is owned by the owners of the site unless stated otherwise. If you do not comply with the restrictions on different sites, you get blocked from their content, and there is nothing you can do.

Although we do not suggest breaking the law, it is your right to know all your options in this matter. And the truth is that there is a solution that will help you overcome the problems deriving from a static, non-changing IP. The solution towards indulging in web scraping lies in the use of a VPN.

Web Data Exraction & Harvesting gives you a competitive advantage!

The VPNs change your IP and thus allow you to remain out of reach. Web sites will not notice you, and you will be able to get encrypted traffic at all times. But, which is the best VPN that covers the needs of web data extraction? Which VPN allows constant changing of your IP to your best benefit? Let’s have a look at the 4 top solutions, as far as web scraping is concerned!

Gigantic Network: Bright Data (formerly ) is perhaps the ideal proxy network for web scraping. It offers over 35 million IPs across 4 seperate network types for you to benefit from. Their networks makes it easy for you to anonymously browse by redirecting all HTTP requests via any IP of your choosing. Bright Datas  residential and mobile IPs are available in every city in the world and even offer ASN and mobile carrier targeting.

The network was made to handle unlimited concurrent connections and IP configuration is as simple as choosing from a drop down menu. Unlimited IP rotation is not only a feature but can be automated to switch based on a time frame, number of requests or both. Connect your crawler with assurance that you are perfectly secured and won’t get blocked by your target sites when web scraping.  Visit Bright Data here

You can learn more about residential proxies on this article. also offers some great discounts for new customers:



HidemyAss – a classic VPN

hidemyassHideMyAss VPN: Another VPN that allows you to change your IP automatically after several seconds or minutes is HideMyAss VPN. This UK service provider has got an impressive network of servers in over 190 countries, adding to more than 120,000 IPs for you to choose from. So, rotation of IPs is a given, and this is of the highest priority in the field of web scraping. Unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, compatibility with every device and OS and up to two simultaneous connections to the VPN, stellar customer care and a 30-day full money refund guarantee complete a practical VPN plan for you!


5000 IPs are a lot to scrape: Easy Hide IP

easyhideipEasy-Hide-IP VPN: Over 5,000 IPs worldwide are available for you to make use of with this VPN. The cool thing about it is the fact that you can choose the frequency in which you change your IP automatically. For example, you can have the IP of your changed every minute, every five minutes or every hour and so on. This gives you the freedom you have been looking for, to engage in web data extraction. Other than that, you connect with one click and on multiple devices. There is no data limit, and you need not worry about logs. A free trial is available as a test drive. Then, the cost of your monthly subscription is pretty affordable, and there is full money refund guarantee.


VPN4All is a good fit too!

vpn4allVPN4All: Our last pick among VPNs for web scraping is VPN4All. There is a growing number of IPs (currently 10,000 and expanding by the day) in 80 different locations. Up to AES-256 RSA 2048Bit encryption is available for you and of course there is the feature of Timed Auto IP Change. More specifically, you get the opportunity to change your IP address every X minutes. It works on multiple devices and different OS. There are a 30-day full money refund guarantee and constant support for you. Another great feature is the indication of your favourite IPs, your fixed IP and the fastest IP available at a time. Of course, being able to change your IP per minute is the best thing that works wonders on web scraping.


Brand Protection, SEO testing, comparing Prices worldwide

Now you know which VPNs can help you out, so as to make the most out of web scraping. If you want to do large scale scraping, theres only one solution at the moment: Check out the unique features of every VPN and see how easy it is for you to set up an automatic change of your IP address. This is crucial for your successful data extraction from the web.

Without this feature, no VPN can be of use to you. Instead, you will be trying to connect and disconnect every single moment for acquiring another IP address. Make sure to weigh their pros and cons, find out more information about the benefits you get from subscribing to their VPN plans and make your decision wisely.

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