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Last updated: November 26, 2020

tour-de-franceThere are many sports that captivate our attention throughout the year. Premier League for football and matches like El Clasico (Barcelona vs Real Madrid), Formula 1, Tour de France and tennis tournaments, as well as events like Copa America or the Olympics are sought after by millions of fans all over the world.

Can you imagine how huge the sports industry is? Even Middle Eastern women, who were once discouraged from taking part in sports, now have gone beyond that.

Streaming sports events has become popular on the web, since it allows the vast majority of people to enjoy their favorite sports, teams or athletes anytime and anywhere. However, there are problems that have to do with copyrights. In certain countries, people are not allowed access to the specific streaming of sports. This creates a distressing environment without any opportunities to enjoy the broadcast of these sporting events. In avoidance of such problems, it is best to use a VPN. What VPN, you may ask yourself. Well, we have thought so and thus we have created a list with the 5 best VPNs for sports. Check it out!

Nord VPN

Last but not least, we have Nord VPN. Servers are located in 559 different places from 49 countries and this is more than decent. They also use double data encryption, meaning that you get even deeper security. In their network, they allow SSL 2048-bit encryption for shared and dedicated IPs alike. User friendly apps make it easy and practical to use the VPN on every device and OS.

Among the best features to consider with Nord VPN, you get Internet Kill Switch and Tor over VPN. The former allows you to disconnect your Internet connection the moment your VPN disconnects. The latter is an extra security feature to cherish. It is worth pointing out that they also allow Bitcoin as payment method at Nord VPN.

  • No logs are kept and anonymity is embraced
  • P2P friendly VPN service
  • Supports Bitcoin
  • Up to six simultaneous devices in use
  • Free extras enhancing your online protection
  • 30 days money back + 3 days free trial
  • Money back guarantee includes Bitcoin subscribers
  • Monthly subscription is not that affordable
  • Speed can vary during peak hours
  • There might be some glitches in performance


ExpressVPN is a VPN service provider that has never disappointed us. They offer a plethora of VPN servers within their VPN network. This is important, since the broadcast of sporting events is free in several countries (depending on the specific event, of course). So, you will need all the help and variety you can get, along with unlimited bandwidth and speed. SSL and 256-bit AES encryption add to your overall online protection.

They also offer all the advanced security protocols, which enhances your encryption power. The apps available for different devices and OS are easy to use and practical, meaning that you can enjoy sport streaming on any device. 24/7 customer support is another plus. With a 30 day full money refund guarantee and with the use of Bitcoin as payment method, ExpressVPN is one of the strongest players in the field.

  • no logfiles
  • they accept bitcoin
  • non-US company
  • very fast download speeds
  • filesharing allowed
  • quality has a price

IPVanish VPN

There is a huge VPN network available here at IPVanish for you to enjoy. Over 40,000 shared IPs come from well over 500 VPN servers in more than 60 countries. No logs mean that you will not need to worry about privacy breaches. All the advanced security protocols, including OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec VPN, are supported and there is 256-bit AES encryption.

In the case of IPVanish VPN, you also enjoy unlimited bandwidth and data transfer without any restrictions, let alone unlimited server switches. Up to 2 devices can be used at a time, with user friendly apps and also exquisite 24/7 customer care.

  • Accepts Bitcoin payment
  • Filesharing allowed
  • No free trial
  • Lied about keeping no logfiles.
  • US Company (NSA, Gag Orders)
  • Only two devices at the same time

Vypr VPN

Unlimited bandwidth, unrestricted data transfer and server switching without any barriers make us include Vypr VPN within our list of the 5 best VPNs for sports. With the fact that they own the servers in use, they avoid any third party leakage threat. No logs are kept and this is without a doubt another benefit in terms of privacy. Now, as far as flexibility is concerned, they have got VPN servers placed in over 50 different locations worldwide. Security protocols are multiple and all add to your optimal user experience.

The apps for devices and OS are easy and simple. Up to 5 different devices can be used at a time, allowing you to stream and enjoy web surfing on multiple devices. In addition, there are features like NAT firewall and Chameleon. 24/7 customer care completes our list of advantages.

  • No Logfiles
  • Supports many countries
  • Own VPN Protocol "Chameleon" to break through the Firewall of China
  • No anonymous payment methods
  • therefore no real anonymity possible

HideMyAss VPN

The VPN network of HideMyAss VPN is enormous! 930 VPN servers are scattered in well over 190 countries, 350 places and all that comes to 125,000 IPs. In this VPN service provider, you also get unlimited bandwidth and great speed rates. With the 30 day full money refund guarantee, you are always sure of your subscription.

Flexibility allows up to two simultaneous connections for a single account. 24/7 customer care is enlightening and helpful, with all the details that add to your optimum user experience. There are user friendly apps available for each and help out everyone with the setup process. Finally, they offer unique affordability and this is one of the major advantages behind the use of HMA VPN.


Sports always draw our attention and there are huge fans everywhere in the world, anticipating for the upcoming sporting events. In order to maximize the fun and enjoy sports to the fullest, you need to be prudent with your choice of VPN. Among the things that matter the most, here is what you need to take into account for the optimal user experience:

  • Variety of VPN servers: You ought to make sure that there are VPN servers located in as many places as possible. In this way, you will be able to unblock sporting events that are broadcast in Europe, Asia, Africa, US and Australia. Without this variety, your choices will be limited and thus you will not get the thrill you are entitled to.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: Of course, live streaming takes up a lot of bandwidth. That is why you do not need to settle for anything less than unlimited bandwidth. The same goes for speed and data transfer. Otherwise, the stream will not be as smooth and efficient as it ought to be.
  • Positive feedback: Although some might claim to run a smooth VPN company, the reviews may point differently. Even though there is always the risk of manipulative reviews (both positive and negative), the feedback is an indicator of the overall quality of the VPN provider.
  • Security: Do not underestimate security, in favor of variety of servers or features that make your streaming experience more pleasurable. Security should always be the number one priority, since this has been the driving force that has established VPN in the market.

This is it! Have you ever used one or more of the VPN security providers listed above? If so, what did you think of it / them? Share your opinion with us! Either way, enjoy great sports streaming using VPN and unblock all the events that would have been out of reach to you otherwise!

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