Best VPN for Darknet & Dark Web

Last updated: November 26, 2020

We show you the best VPNs for accessing darknets and the dark web, so as to enhance your online anonymity and avoid any threats lurking in the dark – and in the light.

The Darknet & Dark Web

A Darknet is a network, similar to the world wide web. But it is accessed with TOR or another anonymous network like Project Freenet. There are several different Darknets. People use them to access content, services and products which are not accessible at their location on the normal web (the so called “clear web”).

That can be books, videos, pictures or music which are forbidden or censored in their country. Darknets are also used to buy illegal items – like weapons, drugs or medicaments, software etc. A popular place to buy things like that was the infamous Silk Road.

Law enforcement agencies worldwide are trying to identify users on the darknet – through attacks on the network infrastructure, by trojan horses and backdoors in popular software or other means. Also the NSA targets everyone who accesses a darknet as an “extremist“. Internet Providers in several states worldwide help by flagging Tor or Darknet Users through deep packet inspection for the governments. And in many countries like the USA or the UK, so called “gag orders” are existing, ISPs are forced to comply and they cannot even talk about what they do.

So, if you want to publish information online to blow the whistle, use TOR to access censored content or just order some quality weed for a nice evening with friends (and your crazy government still outlaws a plant) – we strongly recommend to use a VPN and tunnel your darknet traffic through the virtual private network.

Why? Because this way your ISP cannot see that you are accessing the Dark Web. Neither can the NSA or GCHQ. And even when you have a security flaw in your browser and your IP address is leaking – it is not your real IP address, it is the IP of the VPN server you are tunneling your connection through.

A VPN is a extra layer of security for you, to avoid hearing some loud knocking one morning at 6 am with police or government agencies trying to get you in jail. The world needs whistleblowers, activists, free access to information (and sometime potheads too). So take care and protect yourself when accessing Darknets and the Dark Web.

But not all VPN service providers are equally efficient, satisfying our demands when accessing darknets and the dark web. Here are the best & safest options for you:

Best 5 VPNs for Darknets and Dark Web

Given the special features that need to be taken into account, the top 5 VPNs that allow you to access the deep web safely and utterly protected are the following:


NordVPN does not keep any logs, which is extra important in case you need to remain anonymous. Logs may trigger data breaches and exposure online, whereas with a no-logs policy such as that of NordVPN, there is no similar threat at sight.

They are based in Panama and this makes it easier for privacy to be enhanced. Panamanian legislation is truly great, without strict rules like those in the US. Even when a court order comes to their attention, there is nothing to give – thanks to the lack of information collected by them.

Bitcoin is accepted and this enables users to remain totally anonymous. In addition, you get double 2048bit SSL encryption for OpenVPN – and this is great.

  • No logs are kept and anonymity is embraced
  • P2P friendly VPN service
  • Supports Bitcoin
  • Up to six simultaneous devices in use
  • Free extras enhancing your online protection
  • 30 days money back + 3 days free trial
  • Money back guarantee includes Bitcoin subscribers
  • Monthly subscription is not that affordable
  • Speed can vary during peak hours
  • There might be some glitches in performance


ExpressVPN operates from British Virgin Islands. This helps you towards avoiding even the slightest possibility of data retention laws. DMCA does not affect their commitment to privacy, since there is no sensitive information available to them.
So, they do not have anything that identifies a user of theirs. Of course, no logs are kept. All P2P activities are allowed, meaning that no actual control over traffic is held.

Bitcoin is accepted via BitPay and this is the epitome of anonymous payment, along with multiple other options. OpenVPN is offered by default to users and there is also DNS leak protection. A rich network of solid VPN servers completes an integrated, anonymous alternative.

  • no logfiles
  • they accept bitcoin
  • non-US company
  • very fast download speeds
  • filesharing allowed
  • quality has a price


Even though IPVanish is located in the United States, this does not make it any less secure and safe as a VPN choice. It is a tier-1 VPN network, meaning that they have absolute control over all VPN servers.

They accept Bitcoins, the anonymous payment method. They keep no logs and therefore there is nothing to be worried about, even in case a court order appears along the way. OpenVPNsecurity protocol and 256 bit AES encryption allow you to surf the web (and in specific, the dark web) without any problems. P2P file sharing is permitted and consequently no traffic is obstructed.

  • no logfiles
  • supports bitcoin
  • allows filesharing
  • small number of servers / ips compared to other providers
  • US based company (NSA)

Perfect Privacy:

As the name suggests, Perfect Privacy consists of a network of servers and uses New Zealand as headquarters. No logs are stored in any way and therefore there is no risk involved. They are committed not to reveal any personal information, even at the risk of their own company.

They are particularly bound to close their own service, in avoidance of such exposure. Without any third party tools, this risk becomes even smaller. Users are not identifiable via their servers, which is really great to consider. OpenVPN (AES 256 bit) and IPSec encryption options are provided. SSH and proxies are offered for the most advanced users. Bitcoin is accepted here, as well.

Best VPN for the Darknet and Dark Web – Conclusion:

As you can see, all these VPN service providers that complete our top 5 list cover the specialized needs of those who wish to access the dark web and darknets. There is perfect coverage against data leaks and exposure online, which can be proven exquisitely practical when entering the unindexed content of those destinations.

If you want to experiment with new sources of information and communication online, you should not be afraid to do so. You may indulge in the conveniences deriving from the dark web, without risking to be compromised. The VPN companies highlighted above have your back!

  • Accepts Bitcoin payment
  • Filesharing allowed
  • No free trial
  • Lied about keeping no logfiles.
  • US Company (NSA, Gag Orders)
  • Only two devices at the same time


Torguard also operates in the United States, but they take privacy exceptionally seriously. So, this means that they are willing to relocate immediately if this is required necessary, due to data retention laws. They do not keep any logs, which is crucial for allowing web users to stay out of reach at all times.

Even in the event of a court order, no personal data is available to them to pass over to the authorities. P2P is accepted as a user activity and Bitcoins are also allowed as payment methods. 2048bit RSA and AES256 encryption guarantee no exposure online.

OpenVPN is the preferred security protocol and this helps you out, since it is the most advanced option available on the web. With an impressive selection of VPN servers located all over the world and with the special features provided, Torguard is an exceptional competitor!

Share your thoughts with us on using a VPN for accessing the dark web. Is it necessary for you to feel the protection of the VPN, before using the dark web? Have you ever tried one of the VPNs listed above and, if so, what did you think of them? We are looking forward to your comments!

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