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Last updated: December 13, 2016

africa-15428_1280Times are changing. Once upon a time, you could watch anything you want with hardly any restrictions when residing in the United Kingdom. The internet was home for the free – freedom of expression and freedom to browse and surf to your heart’s content without worrying about restrictions being placed.

That, unfortunately, is no longer the case. The UK has been placing restrictions on certain specific content that viewers can browse. This has rightfully caused concerns for viewers especially the large segment of the population of non-UK users who use the internet to watch and catch up with good quality British shows without any problems in the past.

That was in the past, though. What has been happening recently is that UK has started taking strict measures with regards to matters related to geo-restrictions. Popular channels, the BBC iplayers for instance, cannot be accessed by viewers residing outside the United Kingdom any longer. While this is not the best thing that has happened to non-UK viewers, thankfully there happens to be a solution to get around this matter.

More and more people are using VPNs today to unblock content that have been placed under geo-restrictions. The rise in the use of VPN users is not just due to viewers who happen to live in a different geographical location but also thanks to the rapid increase in the number of people who happen to want to remain anonymous online and protect their privacy.

For those who do not stay in the UK, using VPNs is akin to killing two birds with one stone – remain anonymous while watching top quality British content. It’s a win-win situation!

Top 3 best VPNs in UK

Finding which is the best VPN provided in the UK can be pretty interesting and a little bit hard, since the competition has caused providers to come up with great stuff and offer consumers excellent reasons to opt for them. However, once you have your preferences noted down and figure what it is you will be using a VPN for, and how often you will be using a VPN, will make the process simpler.

Top reasons to use a UK VPN Service

Using a VPN service is more than just to remain anonymous and watch content. Here are a few excellent reasons that should incline you to be a regular user of VPNs.

Protect yourself online

With the rise in technology, while life has become easier and convenient there has also been the rearing of the ugly head of tech-related crimes. Cyber-crimes continue to be on the rise and things that were not much of a concern twenty years ago, are crucial today. From identity theft, phishing online, hackers stealing data and innumerable spam messages – the cons are many. Then there are governments’ who are playing the role of Big Brother and watching every move made by netizens. The right to privacy is fast evaporating in the digital world.

As more cyber-crimes continue to happen with newer and more innovative techniques used, it is time to become serious about our own privacy online and protect ourselves from the bad guys. It is time to take our protection to the next level instead of just relying on outdated methods such as anti-virus and setting up a firewall. VPNs are the new superheroes!

Evade Geo-restrictions using Best VPNs for the UK

The beauty of the internet used to be that, there are no borders online. With new geo-restrictions being put into place and strict policies being passed, online liberty is taking quite the beating. This is a bad situation if you happen to be a UK citizen who is traveling outside, regardless of whether it is for traveling or work. Due to geo-restrictions, the sites that you visited comfortably while being at home could be blocked or restricted when you are traveling.

This puts limitations on both your professional and also your personal life.
What is, even more, frustrating is that even banks do not allow their platforms to be used from a different country. While the banks, for once, may have the customers greater interests in mind and this could be done to avoid phishing and cyber-crimes, it is still frustrating to be abroad and not able to do a normal transaction.

Use the Best VPN UK provides to avoid geo-restriction complications

There can be problems but there are solutions too. Use a top graded, best UK VPN service and you can easily surf the web and access what was previously restricted. The best UK VPN services can also be used abroad and you can easily access channels such as UK TV, Channel 4, BBC, ITV and BBC iPlayer. Install and use the VPN and watch the magic unfold.

The Government is watching

It can be called a security protocol, but what it is, in reality, is a complete breach of privacy rights. Governments in many countries are tracking the digital footprint of their own citizens. Edward Snowden revealed details about NSA, but activities such as these are not restricted to NSA.
UK based GCHQ has also taken snooping on the public to a whole new level.

Every picture of yours, your harmless check-ins, your funny and not funny tweets; everything is being watched and perhaps even recorded. User information is gold and many multinational companies too are said to be working along with GCHQ to track and record user data.

What can you do to protect yourself in such a case? Remain anonymous. Do not have an identity online that can easily be tacked down to you. Privacy matters and you will need to use the very best UK VPNs to conceal your identity.

Best UK VPN Conclusion

This article was mainly written keeping your needs to remain anonymous and access sites that have been restricted, in mind. The internet is and should remain an open playing field without installing unnecessary fences and watch towers. Make a list of your preferences and you can then choose the best VPN UK has to provide and remain safe, secure and anonymous online.

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