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Last updated: June 4, 2020

img-thingThe digital world is divided into two halves – PC or Mac. While both have its advantages, benefits and fans, there is one factor that Mac leaves PC far behind – security.

One of the most critical factors that people are depending on today is their security in a highly connected, digital world. It is no longer an issue taken lightly and rightly so. Security online matters a whole lot especially if you are purchasing things and dealing in online transactions.

Top 3 Mac VPN Services

For those looking to remain safe and anonymous while using their Mac, VPNs can play a great role here. While there happen to be many VPN servers out there, among them the best Mac VPNs are :

Why you should be using a MAC VPN

Now you could be saying that you have nothing to hide. Well, that is great! But I highly doubt that. Cybercrimes are on the rise and criminals can steal your data and information and ‘pretend’ to be you. Then there are also issues such as credit card fraud, phishing, spams and hacking going online and whether you like it or not, you could be dragged into an ugly mess unless you are careful about online security.

Not only can your data be stolen, but it can also be used and abused for the wrong purposes. It is not just small-time petty criminals who are after your data. There are government entities such as NSA and GCHQ that spy on the population – a clear invasion to your online privacy and freedom. Your online information and data are also used by large corporations in order to bombard you with what they think is best for you.

You need to be using a VPN to ensure that you and your data are safe. Today you can browse online from just about anywhere. Restaurants and cafes, shops and stations – a Wi-Fi connection can easily be found that you can use to connect online. But not all of these are safe for you. Having a Mac VPN will ensure that a tunnel of sorts is placed over your data to allow you to securely access content without the fear of being identified, tracked or your data being used for purposes that you do not give permission to.

So if you happen to use a Mac VPN are there chances of you being hacked? Yes, but there is a catch. All the hacker will get is encrypted information that is of no use to anyone. Encryption comes in 128bit and 256bit and there are always newer methods and technologies coming that will help you protect your data even more.

Setting up a Mac VPN

Setting up a VPN for Mac is not very complex. With a VPN server, you will be getting free software with which you will be able to access the software. This is however not applicable to every VPN server. When using some VPN servers, the user will have to manually configure the settings and choose the protocol of their choice to ensure that a secure tunnel is created.

Advantages of using a Mac VPN

Unbeatable security – The prime reason of using a Mac VPN is so that your data is encrypted and you are safe from prying eyes online. Using Mac VPNs will let you browse and remain online without having to worry about the constant threat of cyber-crimes.

Mask you real IP – Every time you use a Mac VPN your real IP will get masked and what you will be using is a random IP which will be showing your location as a different one. The awesome feature of using a different IP is that no one can trace your activities online. So you do not need to worry about the government snooping on your activities.

This is also great when you happen to be using public Wi-Fi spots. There will no longer the fear of being a victim of identity theft when you use a Mac VPN. Using a VPN makes you anonymous in the online world. That is a very powerful position to be in, as identity theft is extremely common and you could be getting in trouble for something that you have not even done.

Watch the latest shows – One of the most annoying things about online shows is that a lot of shows are restricted to audiences of a certain geographical location. For instance, if you go on a vacation to Africa for a jungle safari, and you happen to be stuck in your hotel for some reason, and decide to watch and catch up on your favorite TV shows; it cannot be done because the content is geo-restricted. Using a VPN for Mac can help you to access content from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is change your location on the server to be of the USA if you want access shows from the USA or for any other country in a similar manner.

This is not just limited to TV shows. For instance, YouTube was banned in Pakistan and China does not allow a lot of social networking sites. Even Turkey hat placed barriers in the online world. If you happen to be on a vacation and for some reason cannot access certain websites, using a VPN becomes an absolute must. It is not a choice but a necessity.

Final Word

Stay safe and stay secure. Also, have access to any content that you want and make sure that no one is tracking your activities online. Your freedom on the internet should not be limited and your privacy and security should not be compromised. Use the best Mac VPNs and make sure that you are not taking your digital security threat lightly. Stay safe in the digital world!

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