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Last updated: June 4, 2020

africa-15428_1280More and more countries are beginning to restrict freedom on the internet and are opting to monitor the digital footprints of their citizens and also storing the data of netizens involved. Germany happens to be among the latest countries to have voted in favor of storing data of users and this will give telecom companies and Internet Service Providers the ability to store records related to phone calls made, text messages sent and received and other important data.

Now one reason that Germany wants to enforce stricter rules online is because the rise in cyber-attacks that organizations based in Germany has begun to face. On average there are about 82 attacks on any given week. 84 per cent of Germany uses the internet so a large segment of the population is under threat of being the victims of cybercrimes online.

Cybercrimes are not just loss of information and data. While that is a grave issue and identity theft has begun to become increasingly common, the monetary damages that cyber-crimes can cause are very significant too. On average, a single cyber-attack can cost up to $298,359 in losses and this has been quite a factor in causing the parliament to pass data retention laws and vote strongly in favor of them.

All this sounds great but what about the average user and their right to internet privacy? Keeping data confidential online and remaining anonymous has become increasingly important. Thanks to VPNs, the problem can be solved. According to the new data retention laws, all information obtained will be stored for more than two months. How to avoid this? Well, it is time to use a VPN.

Top 3 Best VPNs Germany

There are other VPN providers too but these are the ones that have been receiving good reviews and competing for market share and helping users remain anonymous. What you need to do prior to choosing a VPN of your choice, is making a pros and cons list of all the VPNs that you are interested in and seeing what best fits your needs.

Benefits of using a VPN in Germany

There are various benefits that using a VPN brings. Here are three awesome advantages that users of VPNs in Germany will be getting.

Complete Online Freedom

Has it ever happened to you that you click a link to check a website or a video out and the message appears on screen, “This website is not available online” If you are in Germany VPN usage will allow you to avoid such annoying messages that disrupt your online experience. What you need to do is simply switch the country to one that allows the website to be viewed. You will instantly have access to the IP address of a different country and can continue surfing online normally. Just having a German VPN in place will make all websites of your choice accessible to you.

Keeping yourself safe and secure online

Online security is of critical importance. Your data can be stolen and abused if you are not carefully protecting it. Your digital data is an online avatar of yourself and you need to protect it just how you protect yourself in real life. This is your identity in the digital world.

Data once stolen can be used to blackmail users or simply cause them monetary harm. Using a VPN in Germany will keep your data safe by encrypting it and making sure all your data and records are well protected. One advantage of German VPN is that they are well established and have servers in many locations so you can use them comfortably whether you are staying in Germany or intend to travel abroad.

The need for Online Privacy

Online privacy is a hotly debated topic but one thing that is becoming increasingly clear is that people want to have the right to online privacy. This can also be seen in the rise in a number of people using Germany VPN. Governments worldwide are increasingly keeping track of every move that is made online. Online privacy will help people to voice their opinions while remaining anonymous. This is also very useful for journalists to keep themselves off the grid and remain anonymous while delivering the truth and quality news.

Using VPN Germany will keep you safe from hackers too and other surveillance programs that are trying to record every bit of data coming their way from users. Using a Germany VPN will give you complete protection to keep your data to yourself and keep your digital footprint hidden. You will have the super power of being invisible online and no one has the rights to tracking your data.

Final Word on Germany VPNs

Using a Germany VPN will keep you safe and secure and is a strategy that will be very useful the more you remain online. What is great about the VPN industry is that there are more service providers entering the mainstream online market and that will mean the cost of using a VPN will be coming down which is great for the general masses. As more German VPN service providers enter the market, there will also be a focus on providing quality VPN services that will attract customers and increase their existing customer base.

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