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Last updated: October 19, 2020


Online privacy has been on the forefront of news for quite some time and lately Australia has been making headlines too. There have been some interesting statistics released on a report done by Taylor Neslon Sofres (TNS) Australia.

TNS Australia reported that “43% of consumers consumed at least some content illegally”. This report was done for the Government Department of Communications and Arts and had interviews of 2630 Australian citizens over 12 years of age. The media coverage that followed would make you think that almost half of Australians are secretly filming the latest movie on their trip to the local cinema and pirating every software out there.

With such conclusive evidence, the government got into the action pretty quick and went on a blocking spree of websites that encourage pirating – a move that came under criticism too. New laws have also begun to pass to protect copyright holders though this move too has its own share of critics.

Lawmakers are also going head to head with ISPs and want them to take part of the blame for the rise in piracy in Australia. On the other hand, there has also been research that shows that piracy is actually slowing in Australia thanks especially to Netflix being available. Of course, this has given rise to unheard issues such as ‘Netflix Tax’ and ‘Netflix Effect’.

So where does this leave the average internet user in Australia?

Not surprisingly, the government wants to make sure they know what people are doing online. Keeping tabs on citizens’ internet trail is something a lot of governments have been getting into and the Australian government is not left far behind. What you can do to protect your online privacy is to use a VPN that will encrypt your data.

Of course, there are many VPNs that you can choose from, and this article is an effort to make that decision easy for you. There are questions you need to ask and details you need to know before you choose a VPN that you are comfortable in using. VPNs differ in bandwidth specifics, the types of protocols that they offer, how much they charge you and so on. Which VPN service should you choose? On this page are five VPN providers that have been offering awesome services! But first the top 3:

The best 3 VPN Provider for Australia


ExpressVPN is already popular and has quite the fan following all for the right reasons. It has high speeds and great server locations and works competently with laptops and desktops and also on mobiles. There are no additional charges whether you use it on your desktop or smartphone. To go with all that, ExpressVPN also has an excellent support system along with guides to help you with any complications. You can also talk to their customer support with chat agents made available 24/7. Regular updates are done by them to ensure you can use it smoothly without any glitches.

How good is the ExpressVPN? Well, their software can get around filters in China. They are THAT good. Prices depend on the deal you choose. If you opt for the yearly plan, you will end up paying just $8.32 every month. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee that they offer, so you will not be going wrong when you choose to use ExpressVPN.

  • no logfiles
  • they accept bitcoin
  • non-US company
  • very fast download speeds
  • filesharing allowed
  • quality has a price


VyprVPN runs its own data centers and what this provides users is excellent spends. Peer to Peer (P2P) downloading is also an option that VyprVPN provides along with the option of running VyprVPN in three connections simultaneously.

What causes VyprVPN to not be among the toppers is that these features only apply for the more expensive Pro Plan, while the basic version just offers PPTP. Based in Switzerland, VyprVPN keeps customers data over there, away from the strict data retention laws of NSA and EU.

  • No Logfiles
  • Supports many countries
  • Own VPN Protocol "Chameleon" to break through the Firewall of China
  • No anonymous payment methods
  • therefore no real anonymity possible


Here is a VPN with a solid history behind it. IPVanish has been in the VPN scene for over 15 years. With servers in over sixty countries, IPVanish offer users excellent speeds, have shared IPs, and now also accept Bitcoin.

If you want excellent quality at a budget, then IPVanish ticks all the right boxes. The only con seems to be that they are US based, but IPVanish does not keep any logs and now, since they accept Bitcoin, you can sign up anonymously.

  • Accepts Bitcoin payment
  • Filesharing allowed
  • No free trial
  • Lied about keeping no logfiles.
  • US Company (NSA, Gag Orders)
  • Only two devices at the same time


Panama-based provider NordVPN is highly recommended thanks to their excellent secure service. Similar to IPVanish, NordVPN too keeps zero logs, so there will not be any data to hand in. Ever.

What makes NordVPN highly secure? Well, data is encrypted and sent to their servers based in Austria where it is encrypted all over once again and sent yet again to their servers, this time in Netherlands – all this prior to connecting to the internet. This double encryption method makes NordVPN extremely safe and secure to use. Any cons? Not much really, except that the double encryption method, though highly secure, will not be as fast as other VPN providers.

  • No logs are kept and anonymity is embraced
  • P2P friendly VPN service
  • Supports Bitcoin
  • Up to six simultaneous devices in use
  • Free extras enhancing your online protection
  • 30 days money back + 3 days free trial
  • Money back guarantee includes Bitcoin subscribers
  • Monthly subscription is not that affordable
  • Speed can vary during peak hours
  • There might be some glitches in performance

Final Word

The best VPNs will allow you to surf and download to your heart’s content as you choose the privacy settings according to your need. Take advantage of this list and make sure you choose correctly. Stay safe. Stay anonymous!

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