About us

Last updated: March 25, 2021

vpncomparison.org is your guide to a safer experience when using your devices online. We are reviewing top notch providers as well as smaller VPN services and try to give you a complete overview about their pros and cons.

Our guides may help you set up a secure VPN connection on many different devices, and for many different reasons and use cases. Our best practice reports are made to help you keep your privacy protected or to unlock contents you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Interested in our testing methods and philosophy? Read more here about how we test and rate VPN providers.

Why we started vpncomparison.org

Virtual Private Networks are around for a long time already. The technology was first used in the 90s to create a secure tunnel for enterprise use. VPNs became more attention as governments and intelligence services gained attention in surveillance of citizens online behaviour. In the age of big data and personalized advertising, corporations also have a big interest in your interests and habits, as well as hackers that want to exploit your identity for fraudulent actions.

The VPN Experts

Around 2010 we as a group of privacy enthusiasts registered the need for a more advanced setup to deal with all kind of spying eyes. As a result of our own researches we had the idea to make our knowledge publicly available and let others benefit from our expertise.

VPN: Your tunnel to online freedom.

Internet stands for freedom

The internet should not be proprietary, nor shall information be. Everyone should have the right to stay anonymous while researching and interacting online. There are no borders on the internet, so no government shall build them. We are free people and it is our right to be so, no matter where on earth we connect from and what we are looking for.

What we are not standing for

With freedom and unlimited access to information and media comes great responsibility. We from vpncomparison.org are not supporting anything that violates human rights in any way. We stand for freedom of the indiviual but don’t tolerate anything that harms lifes.

It’s about you

When recommending providers we do it because we believe in their ability to enhance your online security. It is your responsibility to take care of your setup and behaviour in addition to connecting through a secure VPN tunnel.

Because websites and social media platforms can recognize you even if you switch your IP address every few minutes. Becoming and staying anonymous on the web requires you to take further steps.

A website tracking for example, collects data of your browser and operating system, your screen resolution and so on. Additionally, you are creating unique patterns whenever you use search engines. Companies such as Google and Facebook are everywhere on the web due to their tracking pixels installed on websites to analyze visitor journeys and advertising conversions.

Everything fails if you keep being logged in to services such as Google, facebook, even twitter. They are everywhere, not only on their own platforms.

Everytime visitors open a website that uses Google Analytics, the search giant will recognize them by above mentioned meta data. You have to block tracking domains of such services, to get a higher level of anonymity. Several VPN services can help you with that, aswell as browser extensions and privacy friendly software. This of course relies to the device you are using.

In the end, you have to choose how far you want to go. VPN is a great tool to start your journey to online freedom and privacy, and we would be glad to show you the one that fits your needs best.

Thanks for reading.