Best VPN for El Capitan

Apple has always been considered to provide a safe environment to users and therefore Apple users have sometimes made the mistake to think that no VPN is necessary for them, privacy-wise. However, this is far from the truth.

Especially when it comes to El Capitan and security breaches highlighted by the press and tech experts, one can see why a VPN is imperative in Apple OS X as well. Man-in-the-middle attacks and identity theft, sensitive data breaches and connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots are all there and they may leave Internet users desperate, vulnerable against hackers and prying eyes.

In addition, there are many who claim that governmental surveillance has been on the rise worldwide and it is of paramount importance to come up with the proper security online. El Capitan is a pretty new option for Mac users, which combines the old and the new and does not mess with the original Mac experience.

Those who choose to use Mac OS X will benefit greatly from El Capitan. Still, there is no way for them to be completely covered and immune against online threats. So, they will also need a VPN for safeguarding their privacy and enhancing the overall user experience for them.

Which VPN should a Mac user choose, though? Which is the best option on the market? We have done our research and we have narrowed it down to the top 5 VPNs for El Capitan. Let’s have a look, underlying how the VPN may add to the benefits provided by Mac OS X!


Starting out our list with the top 5 VPNs for El Capitan, ExpressVPN is definitely a great provider. With SSL secured network that allows up to 256-bit encryption, you get a perfectly safe option and no risk whatsoever related to data breaches. Having all your traffic encrypted is a wonderful addition to your safety nets. As fortheir VPN network, there are servers located in100 cities and 78 countries.

So, you can go ahead with choosing the most suitable VPN server that meets your needs and enables you to experience great speed rates, throughout the encryption. ExpressVPN also offers infinite server switches and unlimited bandwidth. VPN security protocols like OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP are among your picks and this offers superb flexibility. In a nutshell, ExpressVPN is a solid solution for El Capitan users everywhere in the world.

  • no logfiles
  • they accept bitcoin
  • non-US company
  • very fast download speeds
  • filesharing allowed
  • quality has a price


IronSocket is our next pick in the list. No logs are kept and there is unlimited bandwidth for you to consider. HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy is included, along with the support of OpenVPN, L2TP, & PPTP. 50 VPN servers cover the needs of VPN users in 36 countries, which is a pretty decent network.

You will get the chance to setup the VPN software on El Capitan OS X really easily, as there are lengthy guides available for Mac users on various security protocols. Apart from all that, 24/7 technical support will help you out towards making the most out of your VPN. Wi-Fi hotspot protection adds to the usability of the VPN, since it allows you to connect to the web safely, even on the go.

  • filesharing allowed
  • supports bitcoin
  • up to 3 devices / connections simultaneously
  • keeps logfiles (but just 72 hours)
  • client software usability is not the best


IPVanish is another reliable VPN service provider, offering unlimited speed and bandwidth to the users. When it comes to the security protocols supported, you may choose among OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec. In addition, the256-bit AES encryption is the epitome of privacy enhancement.

More than 500 VPN servers allow great versatility. The simultaneous connection of two different devices may be proven an extra advantage. Of course, no logs are kept and this is the alpha and omega of being kept anonymous, along with the use of Bitcoins. Last but not least, there are detailed guides for Mac OS X that make your life a lot easier.

  • Accepts Bitcoin payment
  • Filesharing allowed
  • No free trial
  • Lied about keeping no logfiles.
  • US Company (NSA, Gag Orders)
  • Only two devices at the same time
Visit is a VPN company that allows you to use great services on El Capitan. Although manual configuration is required, the quality of services provided is high. Unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, no logs kept and full protocol support (OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP and iKEV2) are among the most impressive features offered to you.

Bitcoins are also accepted, which is a wonderful addition to your effort for anonymity. VPN servers of are located in 29 different places of the planet and there is also port forwarding. Superb technical support and customer care and up to five simultaneous connections will help you to get the best out of the VPN you use.

  • No Logfiles
  • Bitcoin payment
  • Small number of countries and servers


Last but certainly not least, we outline the quality of NordVPN. No logs are kept here either and the double layer of encryption will keep you safe from harm’s way. Impressive features that make VPN subscribers perfectly safe and secured include Kill Switch, for the instant disconnection of your web surfing activities when the VPN fails to connect. The VPN network of NordVPN consists of 548 VPN servers, which are located in 49 countries.

This is a quite decent network, covering the needs of every user. As to the quality of the connection, unlimited speed and bandwidth make sure that users do not encounter any problems throughout their web surfing. Bitcoins can be used as payment methods and there is a setup guide for Mac OS X on various security protocols.

  • No logs are kept and anonymity is embraced
  • P2P friendly VPN service
  • Supports Bitcoin
  • Up to six simultaneous devices in use
  • Free extras enhancing your online protection
  • 30 days money back + 3 days free trial
  • Money back guarantee includes Bitcoin subscribers
  • Monthly subscription is not that affordable
  • Speed can vary during peak hours
  • There might be some glitches in performance

If you are using El Capitan OS, you should look no further. Check out our list with the 5 best VPNs to use on Mac users and write all about your experiences with these VPN options. We will be glad to hear about you!

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